Building Limitations Change Needed


The building limitations need to be changed. Only being able to build 1 building at a time is ridiculous. Leave the time limit for completion, but, if players have enough iron or food to upgrade other buildings; they should be allowed to do so. Upgrading the stronghold for 2 days and not being able to do anything else fills up storage for sure, but then wastes a lot of farming or mining time since you can’t spend anything until the SH is done.

For example… I am stuck right now and need to level some heroes. I need holy and dark low levels to train with, but, I can’t get them because I leveled my SH to 11 so I can get the Barracks building higher and it is taking 2 days to up the SH. Holy and Dark heroes open up at 9 and 10 training building level, but I can’t level up to those on training buildings while waiting on the SH to finish up. This is just ridiculous. I almost uninstalled the game because of this problem and only kept it because a friend begged me to so we can chat in our alliance together.


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