Building for exchanging items

It would be awesome if we could have a building where I could exchange similar items. For example, exchange excess emblems for different emblems (i.e. trade monk emblems for fighter emblems), or energy flasks (i.e. trade raid energy flasks for world energy flasks).

This would just be a simple thing that would be a great way to get rid of the excess things I’m stockpiling that I don’t need, or be able to choose at the moment ones that are more useful to my current goal, like levelling a specific hero, or a certain energy flask being more useful to me at the moment.

Thanks for the consideration :slight_smile: :smiley:

That was the hope most of us had with the alchemy lab. See this post for the discussion and links to other threads:

Unfortunately, what we got didn’t really fill the needs of the community.


Please continue the discussion on the Alchemy Lab discussion linked by @SupremeAlienRaptor :+1:

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