Building discrepancies?


A player who’s not in forums shared with me the below screencap. Training camp and iron mine with windmills? Farms without windmills?

Anyone else experienced this?

Not like it matters as it’s just cosmetics…just wondering.


Yep, I had this problem, too, in iOS.


Your player can always contact Game Support about this glitch. Please note that how to reach Support has changed after v1.9.7:


Do you play off two accounts on the same device? When I did this briefly it happened when I would jog between accounts occasionally on iOS. It was enough to make me step away form my new 2nd account as I didn’t want it to be a harbinger of other glitches to come.


If it was a 2nd account that would make sense. I’ll have to ask.


Have you tried to restart the app? Usually, this should help with these issues relating to the graphics.


Yes, and that works until I switch accounts again. I can also fix it by rearranging buildings.