Building Dilemma?- SOLVED

Two types of building sites;

“flat” for farm, training camp and mine.
“ruins” for forge, both storage and house.

When a building is moved the empty site becomes a “ruin” type and will not take a “flat” building.

When a new area is opened up and someone moves all of their [xxx] into the four new spaces, they will not be able to build farm, training camp or mine.

I know that WHEN THE GAME IS FINISHED they all have the same possible buildings. This is before that.

If you want me to test it out, I have the spaces available, but if it screws up…then what?

You can move any already constructed building into any location for free at any time, regardless of location type. Just swap buildings about until an appropriate spot for the construction is free, then rearrange everything to suit.

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I thought moving a building always left ruins behind? It’s been a while so could be remembering wrong.

Moving my current buildings until I found a spot I could build on was how I dealt with the problem the one time I hit it. That was quite a few game versions ago, so something might have changed in the meantime though.

Just swap buildings about until an appropriate spot for the construction is free

If moving a building leaves ruin behind, there will not be an “appropriate spot” available for farm TC or mine.

Ditto, I swap buildings around all the time. I get bored. There is no penalty for moving a building.

I don’t know if moving a building to an empty spot currently leaves only a ruin or not. There have been a lot of releases since I encountered this problem. I can say that at the time I did, just moving buildings until I cleared an appropriate spot worked. If it doesn’t now, then I would consider it a bug that needs immediate fixing.
Interestingly, this is an issue which has suddenly started appearing on this forum only in the last day or so, which leads me to suspect that it really is a new bug. Maybe @Petri could look into it and verify one way or the other.

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Apology for being late getting back to this.
I physically tested this out and everything is OK.
Moving onto any site causes that type to reappear at the prior location.
Nothing is lost or changed. Did not notice that before. Must have only done a “ruin” type.
So, @Petri , feel free to delete this entire subject column.