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Hi, thanks for those awesome infographics Zartanis. I think the Ninja Tower levels need some updates.


A few updates completed:

• Hero Academy Training (added possible hotms to the list)

• HOTM By Release, adding Malicna and Frosth

• Ninja Tower, level 41 updated. I am not changing out the emblems/coins you’ll receive, but I am keeping track from each event how they change as loot. I hope that at some point they’ll repeat.

• Tavern Of Legends: Heroes added. These are also listed in appearance order. For example, I believe March had #4 with Hel, so we should see #1 then for May’s event.

Working on Valhalla missions, Underwild missions, and Talent Grids updates.


Valhalla Missions Graphic added to the OP.


Completed a number of updates:

• Hero Academy Training (time corrected on 3* troops)
• Valhalla Special Stages
• Valhalla Missions (additional stages highlighted on Helheim; changed Alfheim color to be a darker green for readability)

• Talent Grids, finally!

  1. Added all new heroes from Halloween, Christmas events; HOTMs from Glenda to Yang Mai; S4; any remaining S3.
  2. Added total amount of resources to show how much you’ll need to fill out a Hero to all 20 nodes.
  3. In an attempt to implement @ReFlexIrishLuck’s suggestion, I put snipers under the Attack/Health header and healers/tanks under the Defense/Health header as mere suggestions. I am hoping that it assists players to tailor it their roster’s needs.
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Updated HOTM By Release graphics (included May - Yang Mai and updated flavor text on Uraeus).

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Fixed small typo on the Valhalla Missions and added Underwild Missions graphic. (edit on 5/22: added enemies’ biome effect.)

Ótimo, ajudou muito! Obrigado

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Starfall Circus guide added. The HP version will come next week.


The HP version (monsters and bosses) of Starfall Circus has been added.

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Underwild Missions graphic updated.

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Talent Grids updated to include Starfall heroes, Elradir, Hannah, and Morel. Also updated the HOTM By Release graphic.

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