Building, Crafting, Event, Talent Grid Guides, etc

I have updated the Tavern Of Legends guides to be not by May-August months, but rather by number. This way as they circulate through, they are in numerical order. For example, TOL #2 is used for this month’s quest and in theory for January’s TOL, we’ll use guide #3. If SG adds another set of monsters/bosses, it will be added to the rotation. I also put a separate graphic for the possible past HOTM heroes available in the portal, which will be updated every other month.

Things I am working on to add soon: Morlovia Family bonus, Ninja Tower, Updated Santa’s Challenge, and Santa’s Challenge Family bonus. I will also be making small edits to the Talent Grids.


Thank you so much for these guide. It is a big help for us. I copied all of it and placed it under my transparent table cover so I could easily find what I’m searching for …

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Thank you @Poseidon-Mer and glad that these are beneficial to you!

Added the updated Seasonal Santa’s Challenge guide.


Return To Morlovia Family Bonus graphic added. Small design updates to the Springvale, Sand Empire, and Return To Morlovia guides.

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