Building conversion mechanism of the game

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I would expect a given feature in the game to serve one of two purposes:

  1. Either it should attract players to the game by being exciting or adding depth to the game.
  2. Or it should drive players to spend more money on the game and increase the income of the company.

Preferably a feature should achieve both.

With this perspective in mind, I don’t see the point of the building conversion mechanism in the game.
Why should I have to decide whether to sacrifice a Farm or a Training Camp in order to build a Hero Academy? It doesn’t add any depth or excitement to the game. Additionally, it nearly has no interaction with the revenue generation of the game developer. It is only a frustrating and a boring decision to make. So what’s the point?

Why not just have a new dedicated slot for the Hero Academy like the Watchtower or the Mystic Vision tower?

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It’s another layer to the “resource management” aspect to the game. You’re given limited space, how do you want to use it? Do you want to recruit basic heroes? Craft a lot of items? Convert items/heroes? Gain resources? Make a choice. I think it’s a fun idea, but i do feel like there are a few too many buildings now and you lose too much to have enough options.

I’d kind of like to see something like when you beat s3 a meteor or something falls from the sky and lands near your base, giving you some more space to build 2-3 new structures. Maybe a farm and a tc, and a forge. Just so that the opportunity cost of having one building isn’t such a drawback for progression or use of new (resource instensive) features.

Oh, and given the long build times in the pipe, I’d like to see the builder requirement to convert buildings get removed. Let us change buildings freely! Or at least introduce a pause mechanic so i can use my barracks or research in my lab that I forgot to switch before starting my 12 day building upgrade!

Do you feel this “resource management “ aspect really adds any level of depth or amusement the game?

I have seen games in which the space was a real resource which was interesting to manage. I feel that here this aspect is too simple and obvious to provide any interesting decision. To make it an entertaining feature it should have been much reacher and complex. To my point of view, at this state of the feature, it delivers only frustration since it essentially forces you to disable an older structure that you have already invested in.

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