Building a weak team for a war

Placement matters for a couple of things:

  • Tank: Your heavy(est) defense is usually in tank/center position, as that position draws four lanes of fire, not one apiece as the outside positions do.

  • Left to right: Game AI fires left to right, so you want your healers, resurrecters, etc on the far left. (AI is used on war defenses, not attack, etc).

  • Threes: Some hero’s specials cover themselves and two nearby allies; you don’t want these heroes in the far corners, or some of the special’s potential coverage is lost.

  • Slow: You might also not want slow heroes in the corner in defense as it will take them longer to be hit, to charge, and to fire.

  • Next to: Good idea not to have two heroes of the same color next to each other, as it’s easier for the enemy to damage both of them with the same hits.

I think the OP is getting confused now. On offensive, placement doesnt really matter since you are controlling the heros manually. The only time it matters, is if you have a hero who has ally buffs/heals.

On defensive, @Rook has hit all the right points

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