Building a nerf and compensation policy

I am making this post after reading over 5,000 comments on the topic of the various Telluria/Vela nerfs.

It has occurred to me that SGG games have never established expectations, user safeguards, or compensation standards when the topic of nerfs/adjustments comes up.

So here are some ideas that will save the community massive frustration going forward:

  1. Consistent limitations on nerfing heroes post-beta.

There can never be a more than a 10% negative adjustment applied to any hero’s ability after it has gone live and never more than a 5% negative adjustment to their stats. So if the combined stats of a hero were to equal 2,000 points at 4-80(or max level equivalent for 3/4*s-still 10% max reduction) then they could remove no more than 100 of those stat points. Its 100 points total potential reduction, not 100 to each stat.

so if a hero had 600 attack, 600 defense, and 800 health, they could only remove 100 points from a single stat, or 33 points from each.

If a Heroes abilities were, raise defense by 40%, deal 200% damage to 3 enemies, and provide an elemental link of +100 health shield for all fire allies.

They could only reduce these stats by at most 10%. The lowest the special could be reduced to would be: raise defense by 36%, deal 180% damage, and provide a +90 health shield for all fire allies.

If only 1 portion of the skill seems to be the problem of the hero they could implement a 25% reduction to one part of the skill. So they could reduce the damage, for example, down to 150%. But, if they implement this 25% reduction they cannot touch any other portion of the hero’s skill.

There can be no negative adjustments to the class of the hero post-release.

  1. Now we step into Nerf territory.

It is considered a nerf whenever SGG does more to a hero than the above listed 5% to stats and 10% to skills adjustment.

Anytime this happens the compensation package is guaranteed.

If SGG has to do more than the minor adjustments then they have released a hero who should have never made it out of Beta. This leads to a ton of various problems within the community at large. Leaving people feeling like they are victims of theft or building walls between the community that are not helpful.

The compensation package:

20,000 gems

1 “choice box” allowing players to choose any previous HOTM/Seasonal/Challenge event Hero and add it to their roster. Which “choice box” is given will depend on which hero receives the nerf. This is not a trade box, you don’t lose the nerfed hero, you gain a brand new one in addition.

6 4* ascension mats and 8 3* ascension mats of the color associated with the nerfed Hero.

Plus an additional 2 6* mats and 4 3* mats of every other color to compensate for any other updates players may have made to their rosters to build team synergy around the nerfed hero.

150 of each emblem.

10 million ham, 3 million iron.

3 reset tokens so that emblems can be moved.

This package may seem large, it’s supposed to be. This type of compensation for releasing an overpowered hero deserving of a nerf is to help deter SGG from releasing heroes who are out of balance.

The proposal provides wiggle room for SGG to make adjustments, and barriers so that players can know their hero won’t be nerfed beyond reasonable amounts without sizable compensation.

If a hero who was released ends up receiving a nerf then every player in the game receives the compensation package, because every player was in some way affected. We’re you enticed to summon by the OP stats, whether you got the hero or not, the hero as it was presented lead to you spending to get it, now post nerf, you would have maybe never summoned in the first place.

Maybe that new hero is the reason your alliance lost hard-fought wars, every single week, for 2 months. You deserve compensation.

Perhaps you’re new to the game, but you feel like all you hear from your alliance members is that the new hero is OP and the game is bad and you should get out now!

Whatever the reason; having this package set up so that everyone receives the compensation will help build trust between the community and SGG, leading to more purchases, a more active player base, and less frustration or fear of future purchases.

I know this was a long post, so if you made it this far, thanks for reading. I feel something like this could really solve a lot of the problems I’m reading every day.

@_NINO and @Mr.Spock I feel like you would both appreciate this post.

  • Is this compensation package way too much?
  • Slightly too much
  • Perfect
  • Close, but missing something
  • Too little
  • Way too little

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Doubt the final adjustment to any hero moving forward will be above these thresholds, so likely won’t apply next month!

Also, what compensation do we provide SGG when heroes are buffed/improved from their starting position? Only seems fair!


they already received compensation through various purchases. They made over 100 million dollars in the last 3 months. Their compensation is fine man.



I think the game has to have adjustments and changes, it’s not a static game and not every situation or issue can be predicted pre release

No hero ever adjusted post release has become useless or less appealing. So as far as i can tell the whole “everytime you guys alter something, we deserve free stuff” isn’t a fair call.

SG has the job of governing the game. It’s their product and as owner of said product should retain full rights to the creativity and function of said product.

Game is fluid and should be changed/altered/fixed as the developers see fit. Now players are welcome to give feedback on that change but it doesn’t mean players should have to approve every change for it to roll out. And definitely doesn’t mean they should hand out free stuff with every adjustment, bit of an unrealistic expectation i think.

Just my 2 cents.


What @Rigs said. Can’t say it much better than that


To clarify, I’m only suggesting they compensate players when they nerf a hero, not adjust one.

That’s the whole point of the distinction in the post above.


Nerf is an adjustment. Adjustments have to happen. Hero is property of SG, not the player.

Which if we want to get technical…

No hero has ever been nerfed post release. And still won’t be.




  1. cause to be weak or ineffective.

Please show me any hero that has become weak or ineffective after a post release adjustment


Created the same topic and they closed it in less than 2-3 hours. I hope this topic will not be closed also.

I have 3 tellurias and 4 velas, spending more than 30k gems. Lucky me?..maybe not.

I really hope for some compensation, but I don’t believe they care at all.

P.S: 10 days without buying any offer at all. Going strong! :slight_smile:


when the seller compensates for the new car in return for the defective one you can still regret it, he suffers material losses, albeit through his own fault. But why does SG have to regret virtual meat or materially non-existent telescopes for their marriage for spoiled Vela? If they take money for the sale of telescopes, let them give them back if their goods on which the telescopes were spent turned out to be defective.


But the scopes wont be defective(scopes are used to get a 4/80 hero, which every player will still have). And scopes are also free. Are you saying only those that purchased scopes should recieve more scopes with a proof of purh3ase?

I have a feelig we’re going to see poster remorse in a couple weeks when both heroes come out as useful as they were when they went into current beta


I think many are of the perspective that by spending their money on gems and then using those gems to pull a random hero from the portal that they own that hero and it is their property.

My perspective remains that I have spent my money on entertainment not really different from buying food or drink at a restaurant of a menu that says the food might not taste the same next week as it did last week.

If they adjust Telly or any other hero, I expect to keep playing just as I did last week. I hope that many others do as well.


I want to say that they do not produce telescopes and tonics, do not spend money on materials for their production, do not contain a factory, workers who collect these telescopes, do not pay them wages. These are sets of pixels on the screen. And here’s how to tear money on these pixels, so SG first, give it! Pay! Pay more! But greed doesn’t give back these pixels, which they spend a cent on (but they charge hundreds of dollars from us).


But this game is free. Some of us choose to spend money to accelerate our advancement but that is not necessary to play the game.


The more common the materials, the less valuable they are in both gameplay and purchase value

And if players got a 4/80 hero from using the scopes, why should they get another 4/80 hero with another set of scopes through a hand out and not accumulation through gameplay opportunities/purchases? Those who have vela and couldnt ascend yet or those that didnt get vela or ascend a blue hero in general the past few months would essentially be 2 maxed heroes behind their relevant peers due to less opportunity and not just rng, why is that fair?

Especially if vela is still a good hero.


The game does not exist for free, it will continue only if they pay for crystals, objects of ascension, etc. Therefore, I would not underestimate the importance of solvent but deceived players. And something tells me that after this deception with Velluria, few will pay them.


They never did.
There are enough players who never paid a penny.

If you go to your bank to get a credit, they simply adjust the numbers on your account. Deposit money is similar to Telly.

according to recent reports, Vela is not a good hero at all. If a footballer breaks his legs, he will no doubt remain a good guy. But he will be a bad footballer. Well, Vella remained good now, but she does not make sense to play


She hasn’t even been changed!


Co-sign. Its ridiculous to #1, release a hero so far out of line with others that every single raid team uses the same heroes, 2) nerf a hero without compensating those who have spent a significant amount of time/money BUILDING said hero, and 3)altering the entire dynamic of the use of emblems for that hero and/or other options.

I would suggest on top of the above mentioned package some relief as well in emblems resets, gems, food/iron used to construct that hero (tiered to whatever level you have emblemed them UP to for each player), as well as a reward which could look like this. Adding one level completed to every unfinished building.

My .02. Sure feels like bait and switch when something I worked so hard to build is destroyed without recompense.

KWF Fallen Wolves


It can be played for free and many players do that and receive enjoyment on a daily basis.

Yes, SG receives revenue from gem sales, We all know that is factored in to their business plan just like ad sales from mystic vision. But we choose to purchase those gems, they are not required to play the game.

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