Building a 5* star team for defense only

Sartana (2)
Evelyn (2)

You can ascend all of them, what’s your lineup and why?


For me (but I only play for 4 months, I’m far to be an expert) :

Sartana for sure, Vivica for sure, Aegir as a tank why not, Isarnia has always been a problem for me since her CS is really cool but she’s squichy. Next to Aegir tho… Why not I guess.

And for the last, I’d say… Idk, a fast one. Maybe Magni.

Something like : Vivica / Sartana / Aegir / Isarnia / Magni

Viviva on a side cause healer, Sartana in 2nd so she can get often hit & snipe some heroes, Aegir as a tank cause it’s Aegir & he can keeps Sartana & Isarnia alive & finally Magni at 5th on the other side so he can snipe ppl AND keep Isarnia alive as well.

Just my opinion :slight_smile:

Zim first-clean blindness, fire etc.
Evelyn - fast, good dmg nature debuff
Rana - good stats with average mana = good chance to shoot. Very annoying debuff.
Sartana- fast hitter
Elkanen - normally I didnt recomended him but with Eve he can be monster

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I assume you mean Zim EVELYN (not sartana) Rana Sartana ELk

Ouch, I wasn’t saw that, yes you right

Also I like the way you think, this was what I was thinking as well. I hear so many say Elk isn’t good but with Eve I’d think he’d be much better.

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I like the combo of Evelyn and Elkanen, but I prefer rainbow squads on Defense. Soo…

Sartana - fast sniper
Vivica - healer
Azlar - Beast
Magni - fast sniper, defense boost
Evelyn - Debuff

Something like that. Elena instead of Azlar maybe. Or could go with Aegir tank, but I’m still not sold on him.

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Given your heroes I think this would be the best defense:

  • All fast heroes
  • Multiple roles build in:
    • 3-target AoE damage, heal on damage
    • Soft AoE damage, Dispel, ATK buff
    • Sniper, DEF buff
    • other 2 snipers
  • The tank’s natural enemies would be Gravemaker and Natalya
    • Zimkitha could dispel Gravemaker’s DoT and Natalya isn’t a “to ascend first” heroine
  • The tank could increase his durability with his flanks, by increasing his damage and his great defense

And said so, to me Elkanen could be a good tank just with Zimkitha flank.


Zim - Evelyn - Rana - Sartana - Azlar

Based on sequence:

  • Zim for cleanse and boost
  • Evelyn for dispelling any buffs
  • Rana to make sure they cant heal
  • Sartana for the usual striking
  • Azlar for the finish
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It’s difficult considering the current roster as you miss a new age tank. Those old age tanks you have are now affected by fast/very fast speed of new heroes.

I’d choose either Red or Green killers:


Rana worked out as the best option for a tank. DoT is having 40% bonus on defense team and avarage speed will do well. Pitty you didn’t get Yunan instead.

Red team kills mostly using familly flames (Kitty + Azlar)
Green team kills mostly using and exploiting a green vulnerability.

For future: try Guin, Yunan, maybe Mistuko, maybe Kageburo as a new generation firewall.

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yes Yunan was the hope but I’m kind of excited to see how Rana does overall, I’m only C2P so getting guin or some of the newer tanks just will be how lucky can I get type of thing. I won’t be spending a fortune to get one.

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