Builder sawing noise is constant


Starting with version 18, at least on Android, the sawing noise from the builders is continuously playing when on the main screen even when a builder is not visible. I normally like the sound effects, but the constant sawing noise is getting annoying. Please fix. Thanks.

When opening game

Me too
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Me too. Same on iOS. saw.saw.saw.saw.saw


It’s driving me crazy!! You must stop the sawing!


I don’t hear it. #MuteStrong


Quite obnoxious. PLEASE Make it stop


It is quite annoying! Please make it work like it did yesterday!


That is annoying, i have it too.


IOS on IPad…the sawing never ends! And I just HAD to choose to upgrade a high level building.


I noticed that too, so annoying


Same issue here, on Android phone, OnePlus 6 with Android version 9, OxygenOS 9.0.3 if any of that matters. :slight_smile:


I’m starting to here it in my sleep. I use a lot of auditory cues so turning off the sound isn’t a good option for me.


Version 18.0.1 out, it fixed that… Kinda at least it’s no longer constant


Thank you so very much. The 18.0.1 version has stopped the noise and chat seems normal!. I’m grateful.

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