Builder’s timer

The timer for time remaining does not show in this Hunter’s ledge level up


Ditto, but my bug is on an ordinary Training Camp. Exiting the app and relaunching will temporarily restore the build timer, but it goes away again eventually.

Hi @madmarv and @Branwen! Thanks for reporting that. Could you tell me what version and build you are playing on? Check that in game Options > About.


22.1.1 build 1093 on Android.

22.1.1 built 603, IOS

I’m on the newest version. Yesterday one of my tc was building without a timer and this morning my watchtower was doing the same. If you
close the game and start it again the timer appear again.

SaSame problem. Already reported that the time wasn’t going and now it’s the opposite!

Hi, I was actually just coming here for the same issue.20190812_061518

It is on and off, meaning sometimes will be displayed and other times it won’t be.

My version is 22.1.1 Build 1093 Android

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