Build time / production plus ratio is insane

It would be an interesting option to have a choice to have partial production while building for increased building time and cost. Just like a real business. You can do it quicker if you add on while everything is closed, but there will not be any generated product/income. Or you could work while there is renovation and be less than fully productive creating a longer time for the builder to work and pay their employees and keep them off other jobs.


What its really pissing me off is the fact that for example i have 2.737.000 ham stashed and all the farms completely overloaded but i cant do the research for harpoons because i need 40k more lol while the farms have more 120k ham each sitting there rotting. It would have been a good thing complete the remaining ham from the farms and let me do this research. Same goes for the iron. Im now doing the last upgrade to the last food storage so i can finally do this research for harpoons…


I’m not adding anything to this but my support. I said it in beta (as almost all of us did) and I’ll say it again here- the 1st couple levels are one thing but get into a week, two weeks, Three weeks…come the F*** on. It kills everyone’s enthusiasm. Well those that I know, personally. Seems there are a few on here just fine with it but very few.


Being who/what I am to my alliance, I’m forced to consider leaving myself just so that my disappointment/cynicism doesn’t drag everyone else down and cause them to consider walking away as well. I may start my own 1 man alliance and stay that way for awhile until I decide what I’m gonna do. I mean, I’ve been here this long, may as well see what ‘skins’ and the Hero Acadamy does and how it works, at least.

That my feeling as well.
After i’ll see those two features i can decide what i want to do, leave or remain.

I suspect many of us “elders” are waiting for that to decide.


In general, I don’t get much if anything of the “everything must be done at a snail’s pace” design of this game. It almost seems like they’re scared to move away from what got them to this point because they’re afraid that somehow the cash cow would die, not realizing that if you have loyal vets complaining about time, maybe you need to listen.

I can think of two games I’ve played that don’t/didn’t do this kind of waiting for upgrades/mats and both made/make money hand over fist. One was Avengers Alliance, where if you knew what you were doing, you could level a hero as free to play in a little over a week (and the whales did it faster); AA made it roughly 4 years and people who spent, spent.

The other is Best Fiends, which my kid plays and I help her with. They give away mats on every board, give away VIP for regular play achievements, and you can buy anything or grind with minimal rng. They obviously aren’t hurting with this strategy while being a match 3 style game (see the numerous video productions and commercials they have).

I guess maybe SG thinks long wait times will make people spend, but here’s the thing: it’s highly unlikely a c2p or f2p player is ever going to spend much more than they already do because they’re f2p and c2p for reasons. Likewise, there are a number of people who do spend more that talk about leaving. So why alienate that base further and drive the more casual players from the game by making everything a grind when you can lessen the wait times somewhat, still have a game that draws people in, and make it all less of a chore? (And yes, I know, they have to generate cash to make the game stay alive and pay people, but this isn’t the only way to do it).


It’s just a way of artificially extending the lifetime of the game. But I doubt even those who spend money would even consider using all their income just to skip building times and refill their iron supply.

If it wasn’t for my alliance I would have probably left the game already out of boredom. I find myself wishing that the economy was as generous as that of Fire Emblem Heroes, a game that gives you many resources and summons left and right, and still continues to be very popular and generates revenue.

Alas I stay here because they did do something right with alliances, the way you all cooperate to achieve goals against titans and wars is very appealing. The social aspect is there already to make me stay. No need for prolonged building times.


I’m in the same boat. I just started upgrading my last food storage to level 20 this morning. It is frustrating that for building/researching purposes, the food in your farms don’t count.

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I wonder how many people skipped build time to get SH21, advanced buildings, & harpoons that are disappointed now?

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Started the research for harpoons today after i have thrown away tons of ham waiting to upgrade all these storages and now im getting every single ham from the farms because i have none left and my heroes look at me wrong because they’ve started to lose weight and they starving lol.


My heroes look OK, but I now have an horde of 1*, 2* and 3* troops waiting to be fed to 4* troops. I think if I accumulate another hundred of them, they will start a revolution in my barracks and overthrow my benevolent regime, loot my watchtower and replace my raid defence team with Aifes.

I also have like 3k recruits stored in my lvl11 training camp. Can’t even imagine what they will do once they break free.

All of this because of Atlantis Rises actually, not because of advanced buildings. Advanced buildings are fine, I like long build times. Atlantis Rises is actually what completely ruined my food economy.

Yes I’m at level 7 takes 6 days to get there in the iron mine. Time is unreal…

Iron production sucks big time, especially with all the new stuff that needs craploads of iron.


Call me crazy… but maybe one of the features of the Advanced Mine, et al, should be that it keeps at least level 20 production online when you’re upgrading it.


How about the crappy SMALL surplus these stupid long upgrades give when complete


Y’all worried about building time and cost and I’m sitting here wondering about research time & cost for new levels of Hunter’s Lodge cause I bet its’ gonna be like 3 months and 39428482859 ham for level 3


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I hear you.I have 2 more days on my tc2 left so pretty much made the whole month since last Atlantis rising. Leveled Tarlak, Seshat though because of it. So, ham had no chance and with Atlantis rises again coming this week…

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Ouch. I hadn’t actually done the math on the overall return rate. That is bad.

I’ll probably still do the upgrades though, just to keep my builders busy and to keep my iron storage from filling up completely.

I will be trying this in the month of August. Right now I have 2 TC11 going with 11 days on each going. Hopefully I will get a large return in backpacks from this Atlantis Rises. Sad for my ham also. 4 5* to tier 4 that’s 2800000 ham. Leveled my Seshat to tier 4 also, but not maxed.

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