Build time / production plus ratio is insane

So, I have been playing E&P for over 18 months now and know progress is supposed to be super slow. However, I think the newly added advanced buildings are taking this concept to an absurd level. Look at the advanced mine for example: Taking it from Lvl 4 to 5 takes an easy peasy 86 hours. In this time, you lose 4074 iron per hour, so 350.364 iron in total because production is stopped. Now after building is completed, iron production goes up by a whooping 150 per hour. That means that it will take you over 90 days to break even - just for this one level! I don’t even want to think about what the cumulated break even point for all 10 levels of the advanced mine is …
Would it hurt so badly to let production continue during upgrading time? At least at a somewhat decreased rate?

P.S.: couldn’t find another rant thread about this topic, if there is one feel free to merge :innocent:


Experienced the same and decided that it isn’t worth at the moment to waste resources for those (dis)advanced buildings. The recruit producing house is a similar joke.


Well, once you max out your buildings your iron production is essentially a waste - you’ll always produce more than you can consume (spend on items/talents), so there is no demand in more production, but there is a demand for iron sinks.

I think most of my iron comes from chests/watchtower/raids and farming, not from mines. I like the positive synergy between iron storage and amount of iron you get from chests. So I don’t care much about iron flow from the mines. Will upgrade my advanced mines only when I need some food sinks, which is not in a near future.

I’ll focus on advanced house/iron storage upgrades. I like to have 120 extra recruits per day, it makes my backpack-burning training camps very happy.


What I like most about the Advanced House is at level 2, it raises the cap to over 300. That makes it that much easier to move recruits/ham around if you can fit 3x TC20 worth of recruits in your houses instead of 2. The added benefit of it spitting out 24 recruits every day is also nice IMO.


I agree. Plus, for storages the amount of capacity increase is half what we used to get in regular storage leveling.

And why have stronghold to level 25 if there are only 2 new buildings left. Too much time compared to the reward. It is really annoying and boring

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Have you looked at production costs of the new battle items, especially harpoons? I don’t think my iron storage will hit max capacity ever again.


Yes, I produce and spend 4 harpoons a day. Still able to cough up 2mil of iron every 3 days to upgrade my advanced house. Once I done with upgrading, I’ll definitely have some excess, but I guess this won’t happen until Christmas :slight_smile:


That was severly discussed and complained in beta by almost all beta testers.
Time and resources are setted to be extremely long, and developers tweak them a little and end the discussion without a chance to even test what they modified.

Long story short: they want it to be long, period.

I do understand that comparing to old buildings and for the economy of the game this has much sense, still i think they overdo it.

Expecially because you can always add something else later and still extend the overall duration.


That adds up to over 1 million iron collected per day, which is super impressive and surely among the highest amounts you can sustainably obtain on a daily basis over an extended period of time. However, you still have to pay iron for embleming and other battle items from that, which makes me doubt there will be huge iron excesses in the future.


Well, that’s why I like long build time, because when my build finishes, I already have iron for the next upgrade!

Longer = less frustration that my builder is idle. I can wait for several days, no problem, but I can’t let my builder stay idle, the idea of it makes me cringe.

Since the build time constantly increases, production/sink balance will break even at some point, and I again will be able to produce battle items. I’ve some battle items stocked in preparation for the Citadel lvl21, so now i’m quite good. Running low on tornadoes though, but this can wait.

You are not wrong.


This has several factors.

There are only 4 mines, so you are taking 25% of you mine production out during each of the two predicted Advanced mines.

If you upgrade an Advanced Mine from Level
1 to 10 it takes about 35-45 day, less than the time to recover your cost. So your recovery time shrinks.

Finally this is a fixed opportunity cost. While it would be better if you could alternate between the two predicted Advanced mines, the cost will never change. But the sooner you have Advanced Mine at Level 10, the longer it will run at maximum capacity.

For me, Advanced Mines are the only building that uses food from my food hoard. So this is a nice way to keep two builders of VIP Pass busy.

Since you cannot hoard iron, I would rather have maximum iron production soonest to reduce time I am short of iron for emblems, builder and battle items.

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Start to produce harpoons for weeks and you’ll be able to restock iron.

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You are obviously not producing tornadoes then, best battle item ever invented.


But I cannot take the iron back out for emblems, builders or other 3* / 4* / 5* Battle items.

Decrease the queue and your iron will restock.

You gotta fill up the iron multiple times by gems to make a month long queue, but so what. :rofl:

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i was telling this since they introduced this ridiculous build times. people were trying to convince me how 8 days of build time is somehow amazing because meanwhile storage fills for another upgrade. well guess what, even at 3 days i could build back to back if i’d wanted to.

im baffled to see there are ndividuals actually advocating for these build times (do you cheer for useless stronghold levels that don’t do anything too?)

i slowly build up food and iron storages, since i see some possible long term gain from them, didn’t even research harpoons yet, simply because i need every bit of food to level my heroes. i actually think advanced farms and mines will be the last thing i upgrade, if i ever even get there. i’m not a beginner or end game player to not need food&iron at all, so i fail to see the benefit of giving up production for some quite questionable long term gain.


Your thread shouldn’t be a rant thread. I would vote in favor if you added a poll in it. “Keep buildings operational while they’re being upgraded” or something.

As a FTP I also criticized the pointlessly long build times and crazy ammounts of iron and food required to get to the ‘endgame’. I mean, imagine how many months is gonna take to upgrade all these buildings to people who don’t have extra builders. Literal years.

I don’t think the game would be hurt in any way if these ‘advanced’ buildings keep working the same way watchtower does when upgrading it. I suggested it but I also hit a wall of… I’m gonna call them very blind and loyal fans of E&P. There are some people who are happy with the game no matter what questionable decisions devs take. It’s frustrating tbh. If I had a tinfoil hat on I’d say those hardcore fans are undercover SG workers lol. I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories tho, so I just stopped taking seriously every comment that starts with ‘I’m happy with this new feature / It doesn’t affect me, so it’s fine’. Those comments don’t add much to the discussion imo.

Seriously, you should add a poll in this thread @Freddeey :+1:


hahah the same thing crossed my mind too! :smiley:


I am the leader of my alliance and have a couple of members that are higher level then me. The comment I am starting to get after this latest upgrade is that building times are blowing out so far that people are starting to consider leaving the game. I am to getting to the point of not enjoying the hassle of trying to manage my upgrades. There is a definite feeling of game play getting boringly repetitive because everything is becoming locked up in resource production and waiting for building to finish.


completely agree on the boring part. looking at the building time is the most boring part of already grindy game. even worse when the building in question is unusable while being upgraded or researched.