Build the worst Legendary Team possible!

We read a lot of topics asking for help to build the best team possible(a handful made by me!), so I thought it would be fun to see what the worst possible combination of 5*s would be. Heroes that synergize so poorly with each other that the team basically beats itself.

Here’s mine: Ranvir, any yellow 5*/Mokk-Ar/yellow 5*/yellow 5*

Ranvir fires and hopefully Mokk has lowest health… his attack murders his team.


this made me actually LOL


I wonder if he’d work well beside Guinevere’s dark-up defense buff :thinking:

There was so many opinions also…


If ther’s no color/copy restriction, then…

Easily x5 Margaret


Slight mistake. Mokk needs lowest health, not highest.

I didn’t see that, thanks! This could still be fun :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is an interesting topic. Tricky though, because not many 5* have “double edged” abilities.

Ranvir, Mok-Arr, Guardian Owl, Master Lepus, and Aegir? I could be convinced to switch Aegir with Margaret, but I wanted damage sharing.

Richard and Groot would mess with each other’s debuffs in the same team.

The tile damage would be crazy tho. 800 x 5???

And you’d be dodging a lot of specials. Really weird team, but it could win if the tiles aligned. Especially against an aegir tank with snipers.

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Costing only 30 Tonics!

Atomos x5?

Aegir x5?

That’s why it’d be one of the worst teams :joy: But it could work well against some defenses as @StephenNap89 pointed out.

5x 5* healers?

Mokk-Arr, Guardian Owl x4. That should do.

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Ranvir x5, including the missed hits. Lots of them, including the buff miss.



Ohhhhh wait, you said WORST legendary team. My bad. I thought it said BEST. :grin:


Any team of 1/1 5*?

You didn’t specify they had to be at max level. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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5 Lepus and you’ll have a squishy rabbit gang with permanent def down.

I’m just imagining them killing 2-3 heroes on the opposing side… looks like they are kicking butt until Ursena charges. I can imagine her one shotting all 5 of them. :rofl:

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