Build-all & Cancel-all for TrainingCamp / Forge / Hunter'sLodge etc

Hello there,

I would like to suggest a function/button to quickly

  • feed as many resources as possible to TC/Forge/HL,
  • return as many resources as possible from them.

The idea is that when we want to clear a training camp with 100days of level 11 training and use the resource in another training camp, you can imagine how long time your finger needs to press the same"+" and β€œ-” button.

With this All-in button, the system can determine how many training/backing objects are allowed according to your storage and do it in one push. For the All-out button, the system can determine how many resources you can get from the building to your storage (without any waste of resources of course), and executed in one push.

Just once.
If you leave it pressed it does it alone.

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yes, but if you want to move 150 tc11 training to another tc11, your finger need to stay pressing for, I dont know, 1 minute. LOL

And I am training 8065 heros in tc11 at the moment. Moving all of them will cost me a finger or two.

I don’t know what cell phone you will have.
It takes me only a few seconds to do that.

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