Build a strong mono red team!

Event after event, mono red is the winning formula. I’m speaking about the epic category, 4* heroes. The synergy with 4* red heroes is just better than other colors. With mono red you can go Boldtusk, Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett and either Lancelot or Colen. The synergy is great. What other color is as strong in 4*? None. Once you build a strong mono red 4* team you can compete for top tier loot provided you have the resources for items. It takes a lot of items, and you need to replay the stages over and over. If you have a tier 1 competitive red team and you get a fantastic starting board of red tiles, now you fire off arrows and axes at the first mob, bombs at the second mob; you’ll need to make a tile match or two to finish them off; and then your mana is charged for the boss stage and boom, beat the stage in around 45 seconds for a competitive score. Now just replay the other stages. Game is solved right? No. Midnight roots are such a valuable item and in the early stages of the game it’s easy to overspend then for titan hits. If you have the capability to create a competitive red team, stop spending your midnight roots for titans and seriously stockpile them like gold, because they are gold.

The top spots are more or less “bought by smart players.”

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