Build a Marketplace

When the developers think that will be able to bin an in-game Marketplace where heroes may exchange items, resources, tokens and even heroes if possible… It will make the game more exciting and valuable…please consider to make a change

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Ahahahaha! Nope :japanese_ogre:

I think all we know is this (I don’t know if there’s been any more official word on it since October/November):

LE: I also found this:

I think the game is fine without this. If we ever get to the point where we have run out of things to complain about or really want to see the game degrade, we advocate for this to be put in place. I’ve seen this go horribly wrong in other games.

Horibly wrong as a financial matter … we want more fun not more money spent

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Actually financially speaking this is the best move for them. Look at the games that do have marketplaces in them… They all have varying degrees of items that can be traded and the value of said items are determined by those that need them.

If I could choose between level 100 gauntlets that raise my attack and defense or level 90 gloves which give me a haste boost for a better overall dps I would personally choose the latter. But the level 100 gear is probably cheaper to get.

We don’t have these types of gear, everything is the exact same with the exception of class restrictions. There’s absolutely no fun to be had in a marketplace in this game - or room for it.

Even battle items, there’s no reason everyone can’t just craft what they need. Supplies come fast and cheap! A market would do nothing but compromise this game.

Please, please, please: look for a thread before creating a new one. There are three other threads where this idea has been discussed.


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