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I’m just saying that I find it unfair to spend €130 on this video game to get 3 heroes from the first season! or made 80 calls! and they are not few! for me there is someone from Small Giant who is there personally with me! this is a fraud! what do you want me to spend all my money to make you rich and eat bread and water!?? you are literally crazy! it’s really all too exaggerated for a mobile game to steal all these money from a person who is a simple worker! but I say, at least give a hero of the Musketeers event, what did it cost you to give it to me!?? nothing! because I paid dearly for it! but I didn’t get anything the hero of the month either! I wish you’d really start being nice to me! I’m your Fan who has been playing for you for more than 5 years, and I’ve left you a lot of money too. it’s you who do it just keep cheating me money all the time! and I shouldn’t call you thieves! for me yes you are bad thieves, and I am very nervous with you for how you are treating me like crap! you should just be ashamed! and compensate me for the damages that you and your rotten RNG system that you have invented by thieves are doing to me! shame!

I kinda feel your pain but here is a thought which might cause less rage. When you purchase tokens, what you are paying for is the chance to pull a hero. You’re not actually paying for a 5* hero. When you summon, believe you will get a 3* hero you already have that way if you get anything else it is a bonus.

For instance. When I do any summon I always think I will get Bane, Tyrum or Friar Tuck. If Sonya falls out then it’s a pleasant suprise. If I get a 5* S1 hero than I’m not too upset. If I get a 5* event hero then I’m very shocked as I didn’t expect it. If I get Bane, Tyrum or Friar Tuck then I just go “Meh” as it is what I expected and I can continue the game relatively rage free…ish

Just one gamer’s opinion

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ok Blem, you too will have your reasons! given the very few percentages they have established to make the game really difficult to have 5-star heroes of the events, which in any case seem very incorrect and exaggerated to me! but maybe you didn’t understand what a strange case in the various sites that I see are players that I know personally, they show posts that with only a few single calls manage to get the best heroes of the events, and very often I say! they’ve only been scamming me lately! they targeted me and they are just degrading me and stealing money without giving me anything! just junk heroes or slow or repetitive elemental colors, no reds or purples! it’s all really very incorrect it’s heavy! they don’t want me to progress in the normal way it’s correct! I feel really very unlucky, also spending a lot of money! this is not right, this is very wrong!

No no. I honestly feel your pain. I used to be that person who would do a single summon and out would pop an event 5*. I remember summoning Queen of Hearts & Jabberwok with just 2 single summons. I got every HoTM for 14 months of playing the game. Then it all came to a grinding halt. My alliance mates are talking about all the event heroes they have managed to get in single summons in every event. For me now, however, I have selected my 3rd hero from fated summon and am on my way to my fourth (61/100). That is 361 summons in a couple of months… Well, 362 if you consider that I managed to get Lianna and the current HoTM… in 362 summons I have received 1 S1 non costumed hero and 1 of the worst HoTMs ever. If I didn’t expect a 3* with every summon I would’ve honestly thrown my device against a wall and said a big F&%$ THIS GAME!.
I have only 1 5* Christmas Hero (Santa - No costume) despite spending a stupid amount for the previous 2 christmas events. No 5* Styx Heroes. No 5* Halloween Heroes. No 5* Musketer heroes. No 5* bard heroes. No 5* hero from any recent event. Trust me when I say I feel your pain

Actually, fated summons has been the best thing ever becuase now I realise just how much summons I do and for how little return.

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I understand you perfectly, I always hear and see all my alliance mates and other alliances that I have been, because I have been playing this Game for more than 5 years, getting fast heroes is the best as if they were relatives of the Boss of the Small Giant! it’s really frustrating… it only gives me heroes or blue or yellow or medium greens and second class lenses!, purples and reds it doesn’t give me any more it’s stuck, and I also spend quite a bit a month…if for them 150€200€ a month are few, it means that they are the ones who are really crazy and exaggerated! and then there is to say the times he does the scams that gives nothing is really to break the cell phone against the wall … but it has already happened for nervous breakdowns! this game they are really treating me very badly abandoning is abandoning… I am more and more convinced that they from the Small Giant, they made a bug to my account… 4th season I will have spent 600€ it’s or just Aouda, fog, exera that sucks! and morel from Anime Exchange! and then only calls upon calls for money! throw yourself in the toilet! and I shouldn’t get angry with these cruel people! which in my opinion only help those who know and those who want them! there is something very strange in this game now never all very difficult and impossible! very disappointed i am! and I’m ■■■■!

It’s very frustrating. I bought a ton of pet summons pulls and didn’t get any legendary pets. The drop rates are abysmal. At least there is a fated summons so you get a little credit for bad pulls but they should increase drop rate for legendaries.

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I have similar experiences with the game sometimes i spend a fair bit and get squat. Other times i spend little/none and pull event 5*s.

It is a lottery system. But i take the crap with the good. I view dupes and crap heros as food my projects and s1 5* as souls to exchange.

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I also use the 5 stars that I no longer use, in the anime exchange it is normal after all the sacrifices one makes with the money one spends, it seems to me that this mobile game has become worse than the casino in Sweden! too many new heroes that are really hard to catch with really low thief rate! at least they did something good about that! but they are still outdated 5-star heroes! it’s a strange case they’re giving fewer heroes of the events, it’s more heroes of the first season for this very reason from how you see it a strange case! the thing is, they should review who spends the most, and treat them better! as far as I see it’s the other way around! they screw up! It’s small accounts as I see and many players give them the best 5 stars of all events to motivate them to keep playing! the heavy level veterans instead, strange case, they have to spend double if you noticed! I know many players and I interact with many… and I see absurd abnormal things! there is talk that this SG is really very unfair, and it doesn’t even protect its most veteran Fans! they are people who think only of cheating money continuously and who make no compromises! they ruined this game, and they will ruin a lot of people broke! very naughty!

In casino… Do you complain when you don’t get anything?

This is basically a casino with nice artwork… Recently it became even more like that

Sa2, the meaning of the discussion is that if one goes to the casino, he goes to play lots and lots of money ok, and maybe win just as well! in money! here in this mobile game, with all these new heroes that you don’t even like them because the time you ascend them is worth nothing because there is already another much stronger one everything is much more complicated ok! plus it takes a lot, a lot of money to keep up since it’s almost impossible to get it! because they are just ■■■■■■ thieves! they are behaving very badly with me, they are just robbing me ok! And I have no reason to tell lies! but it’s an outlet because I don’t find it right that these sneaky SG play dirty like this! especially with veterans who have already spent a lot on this game! so works of art or not! it’s all too exaggerated crazy!

That’s not true. People go to casinos and play very little or none at all. I’ve gone to a casino and spent $0 as well as spend $20 or $30. As have others that I’ve gone with.

How are they robbing you? Sure, you may have terrible runs with the odds and that sucks, but how are they robbing you? Are they taking your lunch money by force? Or are you willingly purchasing offers they present? If you’re spending too much and not hitting the odds, then play with what you have like many others and don’t spend. If you can’t play like this, perhaps it’s best you let the game go. If you have trouble doing this, then maybe seek professional help. There are always options.

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This is almost like I wrote this reply with a difference of almost hundred more pulls done and I got Porthos which is by far the worst musketeer


Dyana, maybe you don’t spend anything at the casino because you don’t like the games there or maybe because you’re cautious, but most of the people who go to the casino play at least as the monthly budget is 1000€ and I guarantee you it’s not it’s not even that much for some who spend even more! now never with all these new very strong heroes they are impossible to take, if you don’t have them they don’t even let you play in the Top 30 alliances I say ok, because they make a selection! do you even know? therefore it means that it is such a ruthless game it is expensive! that to get those new heroes like so many people do, they spend at least €1,000/2,000 a month! I say, it’s normal for you that a mobile game has become so complex it’s frustrating that you fall into spending a lot of money and then most of the time if you spend €200 it doesn’t even give you a hero of new events!?? because it’s serious come on! that’s what stealing means to me! because this RNG as they say SG is all too smart to fool so many people! it’s me who spent out of my own pocket like a fool ok! but they really have a technique that makes you lack and then only steal your money like real professional thieves! it’s all really very outrageous! i’m very disappointed!

I made 80 calls and they didn’t even give me a glass of port! you see what bad ■■■■ thieves who have been with me! however it is not only with this event, but also with other events! and if I send these messages here it is because I am not a liar, but I am a very desperate one who no longer knows how to make these gentlemen of the SG understand, who have really destroyed me in everything! but they don’t care! they are very bad! just like stealing money!!! thieves!

It would be cheaper to buy a wife, and play cowboy and indian around the house all day :grinning:

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No one said you’re lying about your pulls. All this sounds like pleading with the devs to let you keep up with the latest/shiniest and from my point of view you should uninstall this game and seek help with this level of addiction. If you can’t control yourself and have an underlying desire to keep up with the joneses at the cost of your financial and mental well being, you’re definitely not doing yourself any favors. Good luck to you.

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Now think for a moment.
What does a person need to be in the top 1000 contenders in sports that have a million contenders or more?

I would say dedication, time, money and talent seem to be key parts to success.
Why do you expect to be in a 30 alliance if you dont pay as much as others that are do?

Do you need to be in a top 30 alliance to have fun in E&P?
If yes uninstall and use the time and money for something else that gives you pleasure and satisfaction.

It is very difficult to get a 5* event hero.
80 summons are unfortunately nothing if you want a 5* event hero!

I dont know what you know about statistics but I would recommend to google gauss curve. It might help you better understand what to expect from the stated odds in this game.

I wish you a merry Christmas and best of luck with E&P or another game of your choice.

Best regards.


Ela, listen but do you think you talk like this that everything seems too normal to you it’s a nice thing that there are low percentages like this!?? and then if for you 80 calls are nothing that would be around €150 for you they are nothing, does that mean that you would also give yourself the full salary just to have 3 new 5-star heroes of the events? but really if that’s the case you better uninstall yourself since you agree with their ■■■■ thief stats! I’ve seen scenes that these smart guys from SG give those who want 5 stars money to get them with very few single calls ok! it’s few!! Do you think it’s right that people aim to rip him off all the money they have!??? instead to some and not a few give them all the best heroes cone little!??? low percentages or not that I know them my dear, here we are talking about huge RNG injustice by professional thieving people!

I’m married - didn’t “buy” my wife, but trust me - wives are VERY expensive. And if you have kids, well they’re even MORE expensive :slight_smile:

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I have two grown sons and an exwife… ive paid my dues :rofl:

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