Bugs in rankings and loot tier distribution? Mythic Titan, Challenge Events and Alliance Quest affected!

Thx for your efforts on finding these ranking errors.

I have raised Staff’s attention to this (again).


Ninja Tower 05.2022
260 evaluated results including Top100
No error in the rankings found :+1:
Was there an unannounced fix or is it due to the small sample size of submitted results? :thinking::man_shrugging:


As noted earlier, these players need to contact support, we cannot investigate this further without more details of the accounts in question. Thanks!

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They did, but got told that there is “no known bugs”.

All well and good to contact support but they have to do their part too and not just dismiss these reports.


Well, it’s a known thing that the rankings continue changing through the day after the events have ended, and also after the loot is distributed. I try to take the result screenshots from the loot announcements, but the ranking shown there is about never the same that was shown just after the event ended (this is understandable), nor is it the same that is shown in the evening or the next day (and this is not understandable).

I have previously thought that the variance would be because they might not stabilize the order by any secondary sorting criteria, so that equal scores would result in random order. But now it is shown that it is not about same scores, but the order is just broken.

So, I would really assume that the staff knows if they have some distributed thingie that may eventually agree on the final order etc., or then not. I kind of would have assumed that they would still have made internally sure that the loot is given correctly. Although… well, it does not surprise me too much if they don’t care too much.

And as a software professional I also do not understand the need to know the exact players effected… either the architecture is mathematically sound, or then not… I would assume that they know the architecture, and as they now know the results it produces, should they not be able to deduce where it all falls (logically) apart?


My sincerest apology, but that is something I cannot understand. I understand that you have about a million players and that quite a bit of effort is required to inspect all the logs. But you have shown with the Morlovia Bug, that you can do it. You even showed there, that the logs of several past month are saved. How else could you check for the bug at the Sand Empire event?Hence, to me, your request for player submission via ingame support is just a convenient excuse to do nothing.
Well, considering that players have reported and nothing happened, it is quite disappointing.
The answers from ingame support also refer to the forum, where bugs and issues are reported. That is what I am doing here.
Taking into account, that you promote a bug bounty program, your handling of the issues presented here saddens me. I don’t think that this bug qualfies for said program, but it should be solved.


I hope this topic gets covered in the upcoming Dev Q&A. And hopefully from two perspectives:

  1. How can you screw up something as simple as ranking players by score.
  2. The “not-my-department” run around that is so frustrating to customers with an obvious problem.

Tower of Magic 06.2022
Hopes that the bug was fixed already shattered:

#1 - Higher rank though less points

#2 - same error as #1

#3 - Higher floor but lower rank


But this time we have also a hint of what is wrong: Rewards are given while the final rank of the player has not been finally determined!

Does this mean we get a better rank and thus a better chance for useful loot if we are online at the end of an event? :thinking:


I have sent a message to Staff where I have asked them to check this again…
And find that out why these ranks are changing after the event ends.

Can these players contact support about this difference so that @Petri have their account information ?


I didn’t pay attention when I took the picture.

I found the rank when you get the loot slightly different from the final rank. I think there is a bug.


You can merge this here:

@u2371 report a support ticket so that @Petri and Staff can look at it.

I have already writen my theory and possible fix about this problem to Staff in private message:


Mythic Titan 06.2022 Baba Yaga

And again the rewarded loot is wrong. According to the shared results Top1% is at least rewarded until rank 8200. That means Top10% should be due for at least 82.000, but it is not.
@Petri I have contacted the player and she said that she is going to report to support ingame. Hopefully she does not get your standard reply of “there is no issue”.


Finished evaluation of the submitted data.
Top1% was rewarded until rank 8507.

That means rank 42.535 should still be within the Top5%, but the rewards say otherwise.


Top10% rewards should be given until rank 85070, but no:


So far I could identify 5 of the 8 players (out of the 444 results submitted to me). I have asked them to contact ingame support with reference to you and this article.
Due to the poor history with replies from support I cannot be sure, that they really do.
But hopefully we will see some improvement on this issue.


Wow, there is a window of 2724 players between rank 39811 who got tiered as Top10% and 42535 which could be the cut for Top5%. All those 2724 players should send a support ticket? Sounds ridiculous.

It’s also interesting that Mythic Titan has a time limit of 2 minutes 30 seconds for any attack. So ranks could be processed like 5 minutes after the event ends to make sure any on going attack finishes and every client sends their results. But it looks like the system doesn’t wait for those 2 minutes 30 seconds and starts processing results immediately after the event ends. Which may cause some results being reported late and changing ranks while some rewards have already being assigned.