Bugs in rankings and loot tier distribution? Mythic Titan, Challenge Events and Alliance Quest affected!

Dear SG,

while creating an overview of the ranks for the last Mythic Titan from results shared by other players, I discovered the following:

A higher rank got loot of a lower tier, while a lower rank got loot of a higher tier.

I tried to contact your support ingame, but did not get a satisfactory answer to my finding, which looks like a serious bug to me.
Loot tiers of Mythic Titan are not fixed to a specific rank. Hence, most players won’t even know, if they got rewarded correctly and cannot complain about wrong loot. But thanks to your community, we might have found a bug.

Looking forward to your reply.


P.S. None of those results/loots are mine. This is no personal complaint.


@CrazyChemist3891 Hey!

This is clearly an issue.

Player on the right should be top1% or player on the left should be top5%

Based on @Ruskin505 's data collection maybe both should be top5%.


30 emblems is only possible for top1% with 50% chance, while top1% can give ETT or EHT only.

Whoever have this problem should try to explain it this way to in game support.

Also please remove the support answer here as it against the forum rules.


This certainly looks screwed up. But unfortunately, with the significant number of bugs making their way into the game recently, it’s not all that surprising. Nor was the support “answer” of “we don’t see anything wrong”…

Thanks for your response. Didn’t want to violate forum rules.


No problem :slight_smile:
Thx for the edit.

I have asked Staff to check this out.


Since player name is the same in both cases, I have a feeling that both the pictures shown in OP are from different times of the same type of Mythic Titan. Hence:

  • It is possible to have the scenario of lower points being in better qualification tier, which are driven by the number of people participating in that specific MT.
  • So I don’t see an issue …

Else, what am I missing…?

I have noticed odd things with rankings

Those are not my results. I collect data on events (Mythic Titan, Challenges, Towers, …) and analyse it for the community.
Those results were shared with me for the last return of Ifrit.

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I don’t think that’s the player name on the screenshots.

Per google translate: eventergebnisse = event results.


I also slipped just into the 1% on this MT. However, I don’t have any comparative values and would therefore hardly be able to dispute the ranking.

SG would do well to indicate the threshold value in points in addition to the percentages to make the result more transparent.

Thank you CrazyChemist3891 for your analysis.

Ahaa… there you go… I Missed using google translator :smiley:


I thought you were on to something. It fooled me too.


Later, I realised my ignorance, coz, when @PlayForFun asks SG staff to check… the issue must be real :slight_smile:


i dont wanna do SG s job, but
probably the answer is and will be that it is just a display issue: both 1%. at least the loot seems to be the same (just a random % chance difference)

p.s. i often saw people doing 1% damage at the start of mythic and they weren’t in 1% until some time passed; maybe same problem/delay was here too

edit: both 1%
edit2: not a display issue

But you don’t get the displayed food for Top5%. Those boxes are fixed and not random.

the 10155 rank doesnt show the box. do you have the pic with the box for it?

what im seeing: maybe both 1%?

I don’t. So you could be right, that both should be Top1%.

yup, what i thought after seeing the box

In the brown boxes above the loot you can see their loot tiers. “Bester Angriff” means “best attack”. Left one is Top 1% and the right one with higher damage ist Top 5%