Bugs in raids associated with the special skill "recovery *% of health"

When an enemy hero with the ability to “restore *% health from the damage done” hits the hero with the active skill “counter-attack on *% strike”, provided that the enemy’s hero’s level of health does not allow him to survive the counter-attack, that is, the level health becomes less than 0, but his special skill allows after a counter attack to restore the level of health greater than 0, then the skin of the enemy’s hero will disappear from the battlefield, although he is still alive. and even if you pinch at the alleged location of the missing enemy hero, no information will be highlighted, although he will also continue the fight and beat.
In addition, if you hold on to the enemy’s hero until the end of the attack animation, you will see how much health he has left after applying his skills, but when the animation ends, the hero will “disappear” and this will not work.

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