Bugs in leveling up heroes


About 10 days ago, at leveling up level 1 heroes (with his same character), the network connection failed just after the leveling up action. After reconnection not leveling up has occurred and the character used in the process disappeared. This happened 3 or 4 times with level 1 characters with experience around 0 points. If I use another character and the new experience points are significantly superior to 0 this don’t happen.

That issue is gone so far since the upgrade few days ago.

Now I can’t upgrade my characters special skill. Is that or I’m in the baddest look in all times. I have try to upgrade around 50 times with percentages of 25% (the most), 50%(3 or 4) and 75% (only 1) and no one time the skill was upgraded.

I’m playing with two users from the same device and this is happening to both.

I’m sorry I don’t have any technical information.

Before the new event quest I’ve no problem. I’m not saying there was a direct relation, I’m only limiting the approximate timing of these issues.



Just checking:

  1. You are aware when you use a hero to level up another hero, the first one permanently disappears?

  2. Heroes’ special can upgrade with very low percentages. I usually use between 15-24%; I’ve heard someone skilling up with as low as 2%, But I didn’t personally witness it. :wink:

Please reply if I misunderstood you.

  1. The 2 first times I think it was my imagination. The next couple of
    times I was aware enought. But, I don’t know if a coincidence, since the
    last upgrade a couple days ago it don’t happen again. I insist this
    happened with a lost connection from the server not related with my mobil.
  2. It seems my bad look is gone a little bit . This morning I get two
    upgrades of 8 25%. It’s better than nothing.


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