Bugs, Game closing alone

I come here to report the problem in the game that is happening today.

This morning around 8:00 am until 8:30 am Brazilian time, I went to do my attacks in the war.

The first battle I ended up losing, in the second battle I was winning by a great advantage, but unfortunately the game closed alone, when I returned to the game and made my third attack, I realized that my attack was zero (0) point, disagreed with the situation I contacted the support that so far has not solved my problem.

The problem was not only in this situation of the War, the same situation in the Ninjas Event, when doing the second phase the system went down again so I had more losses with energies.

Of all the moves I made today, it happened two more times before the game came out on its own, the last time I shot it counted as if I had lost twice to the same player.

I need you to solve my game immediately so that I don’t have any more losses and I don’t damage the alliance with the results.

I await attention from SG.


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I’m in the same boat since maybe V36 come out…
And I relized that if I play too many mode, I get crashed.
So, if I play map, then play raid… crashed.
If I play quests, then map,… some times still ok, sometimes crashed.
If I play map, then Titan, sometimes crashed.
If I play map or raid, then leveling heroes, sometimes crashed.
Etc, etc…

And then what I did is, specially for War, I closed, and reopen the App, then directly only play war. Same for Ninja Tower and Mythic Titan and Tournament.

I’m using old phone (iPhone 6 Plus), maybe this is the issue, since maybe this game getting more resources.

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I’m using “Iphone SE first generation” and I never had any glitches in the game!

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Thanks for the info… glad to hear that you did not have any glitches…

I’m using Iphone 6 PLus 64GB, so either 2014 or 2015 release.
And “Iphone SE first generation” is either 2016 or 2017 relase.
So my iphone is older, I guess I need to replace my phone. :sweat_smile:


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