Bugs from the Pirate Event

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I had issues loading the forums for a few days, sorry for the delayed post. But I hope you’ll find this helpful.

  1. The beginner course… was harder… far harder… than intermediate or advanced. The “Deal more damage to heroes with full mana” special attack would nearly one-shot a level 50 maxed 3* hero. It would barely do any damage to a level 70 4* hero on advanced, even though an 80 5* is a full tier higher, it did MUCH less damage in advanced and intermediate.

  2. Elemental reflect damage bypasses spirit link. I’m not sure if it’s effected by defense/offense up/down buffs either, but I know that with spirit link up, a purple tile reflect hit only hurt Prisca.

  3. Elemental reflect reflects special damage from dark heroes as well. Is this intentional? I mean if it is… ok, it just… sucks.

The last piece I want to write is a bit more… opinion.

I think the loot tiers and completion bonuses were great. But…

I feel like the tiers need to be very very different across the three groupings. For the advanced… keep it exclusive, the top 100 was far beyond anything I could have done. I just didn’t have the right heroes to do well in this setup, nor a lot of items for it.

But for intermediate, and beginner, please, please spread the tiers WAY out, and consider evening out the rewards. In the same sense that Rare Quest loot tables were improved so that each tier helped players reach the next, I think the same should be true of the loot rewards from the events.

Likewise, the loot tiers affect dramatically different portions of the player base. If the number of players competing in the beginner course was 50 times more than the advanced course… could the loot tiers be 10 times bigger instead? Capturing the top 5000 players instead of the top 100? This will make the challenge more accessible and more rewarding to players across the spectrum.

Currently, there was nothing beginner about the beginner set of quests, it was just different. Beginner should be… easy… the rewards should be less, and the loot tiers dramatically increased.

Someone had asked in the past how do you prevent the same player from winning all the tiers, and your answer was that you weren’t sure.

Why not make them not want to win? Or no reason to dominate the tier. I mean at my stage in the game, I could care less about getting more chainmail shirts or tall boots, I’m swimming in them, but that would be a break through for a newer character hoping to get 10 of each for landing in the top 100 of the 3* challenge.

So, my TL:DR of this is: please rethink the reason for having the different tiers of the challenge, and adjust accordingly.


Thank you for a thoughtful email. I’ve relayed it to the team.

I believe 2 and 3 are working as intended, but they’ll still discuss it. We are definitely going to revisit the difficulty of the beginner tier in the next events.

  1. I don’t think the point was to make beginner easy, but to make it possible for everyone to compete, even without 4* or 5* heroes. The difficulty was same of everyone. There has to be some difficulty to make it a real competition. Make it as easy as you like, there can still be only 1 at the top, and only 20 in top 20 and so on. But I’m not involved in the game development, so I don’t know what the true intention here was.

I didn’t play beginner, I didn’t have the heroes. I did intermediate and advanced. Intermediate was really easy. I only had 5 different 4* heroes maxed, so I made a team of those 5. Boldtusk, Gormek, Scarlett, Caedmon and Grimm. Got top 100 with just a few replays.

But beginner might have been hard for the the 3* heroes . I think one problem with the beta testing was that the beta players were very active players. Most of us didn’t even have 3* heroes to test out the beginner, thus we couldn’t test out the balance of the tiers.

I would suggest that for the next beta programs SGG tries to involve players from different levels of the game, so the testing also covers lower level heroes and fights. And also communicate the intention so we can report if that is not achieved.

  1. I haven’t used spirit link since the early days. I’m pretty sure spirit link only does and is meant to split damage done directly to the hero. Not reflected or counterattack damage. If it did, you would get an infinite loop. You attack a purple reflecting monster, it reflects back to you, your hero has riposte and then counter attacks but that damage is then reflected by monster back, and so on, making your hero kill herself even with just one gem hitting a reflecting monster. Not good…

I haven’t tried it out, but I’m pretty sure spirit link does not split the damage from a counterattack from riposte either, but I might be wrong. Neither does riposte make you counter attack the counterattacks if both heroes have riposte on them. That would make a ridiculous ping-pong game.

  1. Well this shouldn’t be a surprise, I expected it to reflect all damage which it did.

I played Beginner and Intermediate with fully lvl’d 3* and partially lvl’d 4*.

I’m guessing part of the problem in Beginner was my Beginner 2* troops were only lvl 1-2, whereas my Intermediate 3-4* troops were lvl 6.

I’m just guessing, but this seemed to have a huge impact on my game, and I definitely found the Beginner version much harder than Intermediate.


As long as you have right rarity troops you should be ok. I doubt many have highly leveled 2* troops or that a few levels would matter much.

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I must have had woefully the wrong Troops. :grin:

@Rook who do I need to contact about the KoA event quest not loading properly? I get a message that I’m using a proxy. However, I can do everything else in the game. It loaded for a brief moment earlier and then nothing. If it was my internet connection, I would have trouble playing the levels in the map, and raids.

How very odd! Have you done the usual?

  • Turn game off/on
  • Turn device off/on
  • Send ticket to SG?

I’m not a techie…I refer all of those requests straight to SG:


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I have done all the above except submit it to SG. Thanks for letting me know how to do it.

When you click the FAQ link above (if you are on a phone), there will be a three-horizontal-lines button in the top right; clicking that, then Submit a Request, will start your process. :slight_smile:

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Please don’t bump old threads especially if they don’t relate to the first message. I’m closing this for now.

As Rook advice, please contact support. @sassafrass :slight_smile:


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