Bugs and issues with Starfall Circus Neverendng Heal…

I believe there is a bug with the Starfall Circus event. I attempted to play level 5 legendary last night. It was like I was in a healing war! I played that level starting at 9:00 pm est by 11:30 I put it on auto play and went to sleep. I woke up at 5:00am and the game was still playing! I had not won or lost.
I have a video and snap shot. But do not know how to submit them.

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Pretty sure no bug.

If you have one or two healers with you and don’t go mono, that’s probably the most possible outcome.
Lvl 5 has zuri in the middle. So if you kill the 2 heroes who do damage and start autoplay it will be endless. The boss won’t kill you, but will regularly heal herself back. If you go rainbow or at least with more colors and at least one healer you won’t die, but don’t do enough damage to kill the opponent.

If you go mono it becomes more unlikely, because somewhere in the battle you should get a cascade which kills zuri, but with more colors endless battle is the most likely outcome.


Agree with @ferg sounds like you maybe didn’t have enough firepower to take them out. Out of interest who were you using int the team?

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Moved this to Bugs category :slight_smile:

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I used Thor, Malosi, Sanngoir, Professor Liedenbrock and Joon. In that order.

I went mono yellow with sannagir.

Why so many yellow in an event that has a yellow elemental reflect? That just seems like a poor team choice TBH


I can see that team being in an endless healing loop vs Zuri quite easily especially as your hitters probably kamikaze through yellow reflect at some stage leaving your healers versus the director not having any way of killing her but healing enough she couldn’t kill you either. Maybe next time try a different line up ( lots of suggestions in the event master thread, I personally was heavy blue with frida, isarnia, CKiril, Gazelle for attk boost and LotL for mana control) and some time stops etc to keep her from keep healing back up.

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I used my Regular power to change the title to add some description of the issue.

And I agree with others it seems like the issue could have been resolved by better hero selection. I used a blue mono to do all of legendary that had Sonya and Grimm on it :woman_shrugging:

I thought the event reflected purple so I went yellow and when the element was changed from yellow to purple I hit the yellow enemies with everything I had to attempt to kill them.

Thank you everyone for help in this matter. I definitely made notes and learned from my mistakes! I forfeited the level, went back in with the same hero’s and won the level!
Thanks again! :blush:

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