Buggy notifications v50

There was recurring bug for the last few months with in-game clan chat showing notifications even after messages have already been read.
But now bug have spread on ‘new events’ and ‘roster’, showing that there is something new, but there is not (I don’t have these 4 feeders because they were eaten more than 30 minutes ago).


I have experienced this also. It’s a tad annoying

Are you playing on multiple devices? This happens when switching from one device to another, each device having their own “already-seen” heroes, quests, and chat messages. If that’s your case, sadly this issue has been around since certainly the first release of the game.

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Why does my game keep showing me there are new chest challenges and new heroes? I did check and finish all the challenges in the chest and used all of my heroes left to upgrade another hero, but when I entered the game after leaving it for a while, I saw there were 2 new challenges in the chest and 6 new heroes on roster, when I checked them, I already finished all of the chest and used all of the heroes left. Why is that happening to my account? It keeps showing me new things even though I already used or finished them. Please help. Thanks

Thank you for the report, we will check this!

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Anyone else have the bug/issue with the chat notice still appearing after you’ve viewed the Alliance Chat.

When I login to the game it shows a number on the Alliance tab because someone has typed in the chat. But once you’ve read the chat I noticed that little number will stay there even after its read. It needs to be fixed. I am using an Android.

@Dudeious.Maximus duplicate for Buggy notifications v50

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Thanks! Sorry I tried searching first but didn’t see any topics.

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