Bugg or hack?

I have during the nigt lost a lot of diamonds. I had over 11500 diamonds. The only thing I have bought is that pin of a coffecup but that costs 200 diamonds now I have only 5728?? Feeling very frustrated. How can this happen.
First I save a lot and buy every smaller offer and than its taken away!
Do you have rules of how long I can keep and save. Nothing else is different. I have a very active and good working allians permafrost. In only 40days we are winning wars and fighting 9stars titans. They would ve veru dissapointed if I stopped. What can you do about this?

Go to Options > Support > Recent Activity and check whether it shows that you spent your gems for something. :slight_smile:


I’d suggest contacting Support about this, as no one on the Forum can help with account issues, unfortunately.

They should be able to tell you what happened.

Hope it works out!

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