Bugfix with replaying events

Good afternoon, dear developers, please explain the reason why when going through the event stages, for example, the alliance quest, the same alliances use the vicious practice of regenerating the map stages more than 100 times.
I demand to fix this bug by prohibiting the rebirth of stages and the mandatory inclusion of heroes of all colors, which are blocked after use.
Like this

There is nothing illegal going on here as far as I can see. If you want to flee and retry a stage 100 times, you can do it. It’s available for all players to do so if they want


This is abnormal, fix it!

Don’t understand your problem. THIS is the way to get to the top.


Alliance quest and challenge events are like this if you have the flasks and diamonds to pay for the energy you can retry unlimited times.

I understand you want ‘‘Tower rule’’(limited energy and once passed stage cannot be replayed) also you want ‘‘Roster Mastery’’ rule (once used heroes can’t be used again).
Don’t think that will be implemented ever for the older events and alliance quest, but maybe for future ones.
This aside i enjoy your rainbow attacks videos keep em coming :slight_smile:


Nope, that is normal event tactics.
Only events with „heroes mastery“ like ToL or the new color quests allow a limited use of heroes.
Even in towers you can flee and retry the stage. Works as designed, no need to change anything.

Happy gaming

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