Bug with Titans special skill

There is a bug with this titan’s special skill that makes it very difficult to fight.
As you can see, nowhere in its description does it say that it reduces generated mana by half, only that it reduces mana generation by 10%.
I’ve been using Sonya and waiting for the titans special to fire and then use her to debuff its counterattack. However the titan has been reducing the mana of my heroes by half and with the counterattack I cant get her to get 100% mana again before she and my other blue heroes die from the counterattack.
My team was Wu Kong, Sonya, Aegir, Kiril and Grimm.
This bug has been very annoying as it gives no chance against this titan and I’ve wasted a lot of high value battle items and a titan flask.

Player from our clan “Отчаянные сердца 18+”, nick “Алексей”, kill the same Titan and have not received production of Titan

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