Bug with summon gate

Take a look at my account, Gaedel. I have spent 2600 at least 8 times without one 5*. No more unless this is fixed. Green…

Check the odds of the summoning portal. Its somewhere at 3% for 5*…

Read this.

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No more it is then…

LOL, my account is broken too! I demand a free 5* hero of my choice (Athena or Hel) for my troubles. Rabble rabble.

It’s not a bug, it’s the odds. Take a look at them, you have a ~1.5% chance of getting a 5* hero.

It happens. The odds are 1.5% in epic, 2.5% in elemental and 1.3% for bonus hero [for all 5*].

Took me about 100 pulls before I ever pulled my first 5*. Sometimes you’ll get one in your first ten, sometimes you’ll do 100 pulls without a single one. It sucks, but it’s the game.

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