Bug with "Skadi + Crystalis"

Hi everyone,
Here’s a really rare bug:

  1. Skadi + Crystalis = works well
    skadi1 - YouTube

  2. Crystalis + Skadi = Skadi doesn’t apply freeze damage dot
    skadi2 - YouTube

It’s not how it should be, one of the cases above is a bug.
I believe it’s case 2).

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Unfortunately Case 2 is definitly working as intended; highlighted the relevant section. This clarification is directly from staff.

Technically by that, case 1 shouldn’t ever occur. Should only be case 2 where the corrosive replaces the stack.

@Gabteeni maybe worth a look/ clarification if working as intended.


So “Corrosive overrides stacks” but “Stacks don’t overrides corrosive”.


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Seems that way. I’ll wait and see if staff can clarify a bit more.

Correct. Its like you said.
Stacks are treated as normal statusailements from the corrosive effects perspective.
Case one looks like a bug to me, we will investigate that.


After investigation we decided that Corrosive status effects should not affect stacks, as corrosive would be the only anomaly that as a status effect would affect stacks. So from now on Corrosive status effects only affect other status effect. So Skadis frost and Crystalis’ corrosive frost can be on an enemy at the same time. Hopefully this makes sense, so it’s working now differently than before.


Super-great, that’s how I thought it should work!
Thanks a lot )

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Just to clarify “from now on” - when can we expect these changes to apply?
Version 39?

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