Bug with silver token summon

So, I was filling my raid chest like I do everyday. After winning an easy battle against Margaret and co. (lol), I clicked on the reward chest and I got a yellow trainer and the usual silver token from diamond arena.

When I summoned a hero with the silver token I tapped furiously on the screen cuz I didn’t have much time. I remember seeing a Prisca in the portal. I thought ‘Nice, more food for Tibs’. When I checked my hero roster there was only a yellow trainer. Prisca was nowhere to be seen… Tibs is mad and hungry now…

I’ve already sent a support ticket to SG but I mean, it’s just a Prisca, right? I was just curious if this bug has already happened to any of you guys. I remember reading about it in the forums once but it’s the first time it happens to me.

(Btw sorry mods, I did check for an existing thread before creating this one but it was locked, so if this topic needs to be merged, please do).

Did you try relogging? Sometimes on a disconnect or timeout, loot will show up after you come back.

Also, what does your Recent Activity log show? Options menu, Support, Recent Activity. Any 3* hero would show up in that log. If not, maybe you didn’t actually get a Prisca.

I remember well it was Prisca, but if not I would’ve gotten any hero. I only had a yellow trainer in my roster.

This is my recent activity:

I’ll try to login later and check. Thanks for the suggestion.

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