Bug with Second POV?! Raid/Tournament MASTER

So I can’t post how I feel?

They are going to delete my post in 24 hrs.

It shows you are on the next tier. Your first 5 counted. Now you need 10.

Your post isn’t going to be deleted. Alana removed her own post and the system will remove it in 24 hours.

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I guess I lost my 250 point. Because I never collect them. What it show may be correct. But I didn’t get my points. I don’t like the way I’m being called a lier.

My math ability isn’t good enough to help you but I’m sure someone can look at your rewards to see if you got them or not.

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With what you are showing you have collected 3x150 + 250 + 300 + 250+350+600+900 + 50+75+100+150+225 = 3700 points.

You are at milestone 12 which requires 20+70+120+170+220+270+320+370+420+470+510+550 = 3510

That gives you 190 points towards tier 13, which is exactly what you have.

So you did collect the points, whether you remember that or not.



Thank you for doing the math. I was getting ready to.

As for collecting the points, I think the game sometimes auto deposits them without you having to actively collect them


It’s possible. I’ve never let them sit long enough to find out :laughing:

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Me neither, I see the collect and “must” hit it, same for the rewards


I can’t even get into the game now, doesn’t go past the loading screen

Try clearing loaded apps, or restarting your phone.

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I never said nor want you to feel that…
Another thing we’re you with enough trophy és to be on bronze arena?
I’m just trying to exclude options…
Make sure everything is on the right place before say it’s a bug 100% sure…
Every raid or tournament attack counted for me and all of the players I asked about…

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I have same bug… in turnament battlers I (4/5) and i have 5 matches…

@Dano168 I’d suggest posting screen shots of your PoV and your tournament battles page, so we can all see.

I see what you mean… The only thing I can think is, maybe you did the first tournament battle before PoV started? I think PoV started 1 hour after the raid tournament did.If that’s not the case, I’d definitely submit a ticket with those screenshots.

Possible it did start after; but I didn’t even look at the tourney before POV had popped up. Checked POV was open, then went to tourney. Raid skull didn’t even show the red swords indicating I had tourney hits, and I find this usually lags a couple of hours (you know how you have to open raids to see the swords over tourney sometimes).

I did two hits back to back and checked back into POV to bask a bit in the glory; but glory wasn’t there!

The following three hits went to ■■■■ but those meager points counted, so it was a short timed issue. But still! I have no trouble finishing the raid part, tourneys are something else as I refuse to pay to continue.

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