Bug with Second POV?! Raid/Tournament MASTER

So I just played 2 flags in tourney: only 1 counted towards POV challenge. I won both matches and POV and tourney opened at the same time. Almost 10 minutes before POV started I played a raid cause, well, I forgot about the raid part of POV.

Anyways. I only got 5 heroes for my tourney hits that should’ve given 10, but somehow I got 5 heroes also added to the raid part?


Looks like a bug to me


I also have a similar bug. All 5 tournament battles added to Raids counter (the ones won, meaning 3; the other ones were actually raids won)

!. Now the game is not loading at all :expressionless:


Summon Tier IV only 150 points?

I to just did 5 tournaments hits and not a 1 of them counted.

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I’ve had the same issue too as original post!

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sorry i’m new here and couldn’t find a way to report what i think is a bug in the current Path of Valor, particularly in the Summon Challenge. I’m already in tier IV but the reward is still 150 Valor Points…

I am having the same issue.

You are OK collected the 1st tier wich is battle 5 times and are now on 2nd tier

If you look at the chart it’s what that tier gives nothing wrong here

Looks like a bug…
But be aware that raid tournament started 1h before pov…
Are you sure the first attack and that raid were after pov opened?
Because looking at screenshots times it seems just about the time POV started…
So far everything working fine on my account.

Same here opened POV then did tournament hits and received no POV credits for my 5 hits

Can you post a screen shot? Are you sure you’re not in tier II?

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@everyone in this thread;

Please CHECK you are not reading 0/10 and claiming nothing has counted.

The VALOR challenges have MULTIPLE TIERS.

TIER 1 of the tournament is 0/5 battles
TIER 2 of is 0/10


Then why start off POV with a tier 1 tournament when the POV challenge is tier II? Makes no sense

I started my Raids after I got my PoV. I know for sure. I saved everything I had ready. Even my food collection.


I do know that if you play a tournament raid it will indeed count towards both tournament and raids challenge, because it is classed as a raid. Just as tournaments will fill up your raid chest.

The bit about missing raids may well be a bug though

Having the same issue just used all my tournament flags, and it gave me 0 towards my score

Not only that. Fellow Alliance members did their Raid attacks the same time I did and theirs counted.

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I did not collect anything. I am positive.

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