Bug with Odin no mana increase by 3%

See video

Fix it pls
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Looks like it is working as the card says.

  • 8% mana generation PLUS +3% each holy tile on the board.

First example: 1 tile (8 + 3 = 11%)
Second example: 5 tiles (8 + 3x5 = 23%)
Third example: 7 tiles (8 + 3x7 = 29%)

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No in russian it must increase by yellow stones per move…

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It will be the tiles on the board at the time of activating the special, it won’t change dynamically.

Perhaps there’s a translation issue on the card.

As per video, Odin’s skills are working as intended. The amount of mana regen is based only on the number of yellow tiles present on the board at the time the special was activated. New yellow tiles appearing AFTER his skills got activated has no more bearing to the said skill whatsoever.

You may be experiencing wrong translation on the Russian card.

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