Bug With Latest Wonderland Quest

For the first time ever I was able to beat the legendary quest all the way, but I must’ve finished beating the last level after the quest ended (had about 16 mins left when I started the last level). After ai beat it, the green character came up and said “You’ve surpassed our expectations” then the blue one something like “you’re welcome to join us again.” Then the game got stuck, repeating the same scene over and over again instead of proceeding forward. Had no choice but to log out and log back in, and when I did, I only got a free summon token for participating in the quest, but none of the rewards for finishing the legendary tier. What do I do? I used a lot of high level battle items to beat the last level and now they are just wasted!!! If this is an issue, the game should warn people not to start the level when there’s only little time left. Please help. i’m sure the GM is able to see my account activity and see what I’m referring to. Thanks for your help.

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