Bug with Joon at Level 3/70

Actually all 5* heros have maximum SF at level 3/70. My second leveled Joon only has SF 5/8 now. Is this a common problem? My first Joon had Max SF at about 3/50. what Is wrong?

Did you feed off color?

Nothings wrong. He’s just a little behind. If you take him to tier 4 he should max. Some are a little slow. My Frida, Seshat, and Marjana needed tier 4. Evelyn maxed before she reached 1/50.


Rare almost to non existent for a 5* to be at 4/80 while not having 8/8 skills.

You gotta show me that card.

It is not at 4/80 but at 3/70 and has only 5/8 SF

I did not have this before. All 5* had Max SF at least somehow at tier 3 and also the other Joon was at max SF at 3/50.

Unlikely, but not impossible.

Not a bug. Sometimes the heroes are just more stubborn leveling up their special skills :slight_smile:


Here’s a forum topic “showing off” bad luck getting a heroes special leveled up :smiley:

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He may be a Late Bloomer…

20 underdeveloped characters

My Isarnia was at special skill level 3 until 3/50 or so. She Just didn’t have much luck :grinning:

Nothing wrong with your Joon :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2: Once you take him to 4/80, he will most likely reach special skill level 8. If not, which is unlikely but not completely impossible, you can still feed away 10x yellow 1* heroes to him.

When you noticed the SS level was unchanging, sometimes you may have to vary the percentage from the regular 20% ( feeding 1* same color), and try 1%, 2%, 8%, 12%, 22% even 30% the stubborn one may just yield then you resume back the 20 % feeding.

Most of my 5* s achieved SS 8/8 before 2/60 except Inari who was at SS 7/8 @ 2/60.
All still depends on RNG. Not sure it’s a bug.

But not only the special skill is lower than expected, also the power of Joon at 3/70 shou

ld be 652, but is only at 637…

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Because the special skill level influences his TP rating. Apparently, a special skill level is “worth” 5 points for a 5* hero (just like a talent level is worth 5 points and the costume bonus gives extra points).


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