Bug With Hit 3 mechanics

I have discovered what I think is a bug with the new hit 3 mechanics when attacking enemies where there were more than one adjacent enemy (which is now dead).

My example happened in the xmas event when I hit the central enemy (in this case Buddy) with Tibertus’s special. There were previously 4 minion heroes but 2 were already dead when I fired the special.

However only Buddy was hit and inflicted with defence down, the other 2 minions were not affected. Could the mechanics be trying to target 2 missing minions ? IDK whats going on TBH.

3 is maximum, 1 is possible

E1 & E5 cannot be hit if Boss is targeted



Here is a screenshot afterwards (for what it’s worth).

How does that match up to your E1 to E5? The formation setup is a bit different since it’s pve

This happened around an hour ago. But I can’t post now…

Sorry I am a new user I’ve lurked a while but wanted to post this bug but the new user restrictions are driving me nuts lol …

@Gryphonknight is correct. It’s not a bug. If you targeted Buddy in that formation, the two missing enemies would have been hit alongside Buddy. Since they’re dead, only Buddy is hit. This has been a matter of debate by players since not everyone likes this change, but it’s how it’s supposed to work after they changed how ‘hit target and nearby’ works in formations.


You can see the explaination above, or take a look at this picture, hope it clear to see


see below link

([Primer] Why do none of the special skills do the same amount of damage or Best uses of All, Nearby, Splash & Single target damage - #7 by Gryphonknight)


It’s the way they intended it. But it’s completely stupid yes

Might as well have everyone in a straight line.

Not a bug. A poor decision in the game plan due to hero’s like Ludwig


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