Bug with Guardian Gazelle

Her “Dance of Spirits” is removing beneficial buffs as well (like “counter”, “improved mana generation” and so on). Please fix this, she was one of best supports against titans, but as it is, not worthy.

The card itself says:

So this isn’t a bug, it’s just working as intended.


Strange, Buffs (like +atk, +def, regen) and Stats (-atk, -def, poison) werent supposed to be 2 different things? Like 2 sides of a coin?

Staus effects include more than just status ailments. ‘Status effects’ include buffs and debuffs/status ailments. So, status effects include both positive and negative effects. Gazelle removes all positive and negative effects from her teammates. It is the price, or benefit, of using her special which is quite powerful on its own.


Lol. How I would love if my Gazelle wouldn’t remove all useful buffs of the allies. Imagine how sturdy and hard hitting her allies would be.

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