Bug with Gazelle and Baldur

Here the bug that Baldur cant hit… Need to fix @zephyr1

2 things:

  1. Zephyr isn’t staff. Can’t fix anything

  2. Fixing implies there is something wrong… from the looks of your video everything is working properly.

Gazelle’s spirit dancing effect stops the addition of ANY new buffs or Debuffs (status effects)… It isn’t limited to only negative ones (ailments) but blocks ALL of them from sticking.

This includes the final effect from Baldur’s special that allows him to random strike when boosted HP. While the effect cannot be dispelled (it can be removed tho) it also cannot be applied when dancing is happening…

Again, no buffs or Debuffs can be applied while a hero is under the effect of Gazelles dancing. This isn’t limited just to Baldur… If you were to use Black Knight while under the effect of Gazelles dancing NOTHING would happen (no attack buff, no taunt, no flesh wound)… Same with Kiril, no attack buff, no defence buff.


This is complete nonsense, the black knight has an icon of ability, the baldur does not have it, so this is a bug that if he has exceeded his maximum health, he cannot strike!
Baldur, if everything is correct then complete ‘■■■■’

Counter argument is that Baldur’s special literally calls the random damage component an “effect” and gazelles special specifically states that ALL status EFFECTS are blocked (immune)…

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You should read first the skills from the hero card and understand them completely before going to battle. That is the theoretical approach.

Or you could bring heroes to the battle and learn from their interaction and synergy. That is the empirical approach.

The science here is to be able to grasp and harmonize both theory and practice into one.


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When baldur uses his special. Its supposed to be undispellable, as long as he has “boosted health”. But when you use gaurdian gazelles special, it dispells baldurs special ( regardless of baldur having max boosted health still.)

See above explanation.

The TLDR is:

  • Baldur’s effect is Undispellable.
  • The random damage is tied to the “brawler” buff (see below)
  • Guardian Gazelle REMOVES all dispellable AND Undispellable Buffs

Thus Gazelle Removes the Brawler Buff & hence strips Baldur of his “random damage” ability.

Explained it also in a different thread:


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