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I’ve been playing with 2 Misandras for a while, and I just tought the 3% increase in attack was included, but not mentioned anywhere. But when I included Wilbur in the team I noticed a new status (when I pressed the heroes): It said 2 familymembers and that they gained +3% attack. (But 2xMisandra and Wilbur should give +6%)

That can’t be the way it should work? If so it’s impossible to get the +15% attack from 5 family members.

It’s not a bug. If you read carefully it says “Families give bonuses for each unique hero of the same family in battle.”

So 2x Misandra doesn’t work because it she is just counted once. :slight_smile:

FYI: I moved your topic to the General Discussion section since it’s not a bug. :slight_smile:

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20 …

Well, I consider both my Misandras unique! :slight_smile:

One is maxed, one is not. So they are not identical, therefore: unique!

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Sadly, the game does not agree with you.


As @Aquaginera stated it is not for each hero, but each unique hero used in the team. Also it is not impossible to get to the 15%. There are more than 5 members of the lagoon family. Misandra, Tarlak, Gobbler, Wilbur, Gato would just be one example.

I guess this was meant exactly to avoid stacking many duplicate heroes.

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