Bug with expires VIP monthly

Hi, my VIP pass expired two days ago and I still receive two invocations in the daily invocation

Silence fool! :grin:

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For a silver coin? My moral tranquility is more valuable :grin:

Morality is overestimated.
I sell you mine for a klondike bar :face_with_monocle:

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Wasn’t the double summon supposed to be permanent? :flushed:

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I am the same way and would have done the same thing. I was at a bank once and it was one of the large banks, Bank of America, Probably my least liked bank. I had to be there specifically or I would have been somewhere else. I was withdrawing some money from an account and the Teller made a production of putting the cash in the counting machine and then manually counting out the cash. I noted that two $100 bills had stuck together and he had not noticed. The young man was very professional and nice, but obviously new to the job. He was otherwise efficient and practiced good customer service skills.

Once he handed the stack of bills to me, I asked him if he was certain the amount was correct and he politely responded, “Yes, I have counted it twice. I assure you that it is correct.” I quickly riffed through the stack of bills and separated the two $100 bills. Then manually counted the cash in front of him. Then I asked him if he was sure the amount was still correct or if he was willing to reconsider and winked at him.

He reconsidered and was grateful. I have a niece who is a bank teller. It may not have directly led to him being fired, but it would have been a mark against him and some institutions actually deduct it from their pay when they are so far off. It may have led to him being denied a promotion at some point down the line.

I have done it in the past, I did it that day, and would do it again. I kind of like that about me.


You are a good person, Otto. You probably saved a lot of grief from that young guy. <3

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