Bug with defence down?

I just attacked in a war and I had Guardian Kongs +94% defence against blue and Isarnia almost killed all my heroes in a single stike. Cant say for sure but I believe I had also fired Wilbur also. Is there something wrong? Alliance member said yesterday that he had +94 from Domitia and Joon gave 890 damage.

Note that the +94% defence doesn’t mean a 94% reduction in damage dealt.

Due to the way that the damage calculation works, it’s closer to a 46% reduction in damage. Reason being is that the +94% goes in as a multiplier to the heroes base defence stat.

You can read more on the Damage Calculation Here: Damage Calculation

It’s also worth noting that enemy buffs can (and will) cause a partial negation of the Ice Buff. Effects like Attack Boost, Beserk etc…

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If you had a lot of buffs, maybe Isarnia’s wizard ability affected the damage. If you had 4 buffs, it can increase the damage by 60%! Which more than offsets the defense buff. It happened to me once and it surprised me.

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