Bug with Balbar

Dear devs please see this video and answer its intend that Balars target awackening?


the way I understood, minions count too. And she was hit by one. Freya waking up seems perfectly fine.

Actually minions and fiends can’t wake up sleeping target but DoT can, Aouda had poison and thats why she woke up. Same with Freya later.


ah true… haha :slight_smile: it says excludes

Not only dots but if the target summon a minion theya awackening too

In both cases the sleeping hero had poison. Looks like both heroes woke up with the damage from poison.

Try to reproduce this but on a talented druid without poisoning.

Not really, at least not in your video.

Freya got hit by minion(didn’t woke up) and tried to summon minion from druid class because of that but she had debuff from Bera minion so she didn’t summon it. Then she got hit by poison and wake up.

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