Bug with alfrike super power

if you click all heroes super power at the same time, alfrike super power tends to hit the last but the issue is the cubes will also hit on dead and disappeared enemies (killed by other heroes) with no hitting score. please fix the this bug. thank you…

You can’t really click all heroes at the smae time, also Alfrike have long animation that why it looks like she shoot last

Second thing isn’t bug too
When you kill hero by skill he will die instatly (start disapearing) and if your heores have long animation (like Alfrike) it looks like they hitting air, this happening pretty often with Triton too but they actually hit heroes

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no if is different i have encountered at many times…if alfrike did hit even though the enemies dies and disappearing or even disappeared despite the slow animations you can see the hit points…both in yellow and gray

but countless times it hits those that already dead and disappearing that is when there are no hitting points at all…

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