Bug with a Chameleon?

Yellow is strong against yellow, so why Chameleon change the yellow colour into purple? It should remain as yellow, because yellow is strong against yellow? I am right? And I couldn’t upload a video in here :sweat_smile::person_facepalming:

Yellow is strong against purple. Purple is strong against yellow


Yellow is weak against purple and vice versa :sweat_smile:

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Nah purple is weak against purple and yellow is weak against yellow hence the purple tiles here going into purple enemies have weak written on them at damage


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You’re thinking of it from a defensive viewpoint, that purple does more damage to yellow, which means that purple is yellow’s weakness, and yellow takes less damage from yellow, so it is strong against it.

The game speaks of strong and weak from an offensive viewpoint. Yellow does more damage against purple - thus a strong attack. Yellow does less damage to yellow - a weak attack.

It can be a bit confusing, but just think of it talking about offensive strengths and offensive weaknesses.

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