Bug? Wilbur Evelyn

If i use the skill of evelyn then wilbur, its ok
If use wilbur firsr, then evelyn, the damage sharing disappears

It is probably just the visual, they might not have enough room to display all the ailments. Have you check it by tapping on the heroes? When you a
attack, is the damage still split between your opponents?

Edit: Nope, I was wrong

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Wilbur’s spirit link is considered a buff, even on enemies. So Evelyn dispels it.

This is a common point of confusion with many threads about it, for example:


Right… I forgot Evelyn has dispel :sweat_smile:

But she only dispel three heroes, right? So damage sharing should still be exist for two heroes. Is this what happened?

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I forgot too

Yes, still for thé others ennemies

Topic closed for me

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Yes, kage and caedmon have dispel. Synchronization is a beneficial buff so they get dispelled if the enemies have it.

However, it doesn’t dispel the defense down, so you can still attack them with max damage.

If my team consist mostly of sniper I would like it better if Caedmon dispel the synchronization.

But if my team is consist mostly of splash/all attacker, I would like that the synchronization stay in place.

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