Bug War the team has changed

Good morning … what is the problem? the war has gone mad … 2 enemies were very strong, I fought them myself and made many points, then without reason the same enemies had 5 1-star heroes, at level 1 with troops at level 1 … from 102 points to break them down now they are only 24 … and even the old counts have been brought to 24 … it is impossible to change the heroes 8 hours after the end of the war, I don’t understand what happened!

Are you sure those teams didn’t exist on the battlefield previously and they just shuffled about by promotion and demotion of members?

very sure, as soon as the war started they had much stronger teams, I myself made between 90 and 100 points breaking them down.

Not sure. Never seen this before

Best thing is to #contact-support and create a support ticket with all the details, screenshots and times etc…

Find instructions by clicking the above Hashtag

This quite unusual. Do think foul play is involved as you would seriously reconise 5 turdan in a row and think wtf when looking at war oppents.
Defo take screen shots of all hits taken on players before they change into 5 1*

What happens if a hero on a war defense team is fed to another hero? Does it remain in the war defense until the war is over?

They should be Locked… Has a message “this hero is being used in a team”

Although the mentioned target has only level 27, and therefore it seems to be very unusual that he had set up a “very strong” team before.

So I am counting 17 opponents what would make an average of 88 points per clean fight.
The other defenses i see (heimdall ariel kunchen sif etc) look like those players have a much higher level, and would bring around 120 to 140 points.
Regardless how good a level 27 player would set his team (my second acc on level 29 has around 3600) in strongly doubt that he can set up a team worth more than average 88 points… but I may be wrong, more information of other guys needed…

@Formicatomica is it possible to screenshot all points that were made?

Possibly its a strange combination.

  1. One of your allies killed the two 1-star-defenses right away.
  2. Therefore you didnt see them on board.
  3. You fight against encrypted korean guys and win
  4. Due to some promotions the allignement of opponents change (i know it happens, but still dont really know why).
  5. You wonder why the opponents changed.

But: if also your points changed afterwards, it seems to be some kind of bug or like it was said before, purpously using some trick here.

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