[BUG] War lost due to bug in score calculation (screenshots with proof) - SOLO ALLIANCE

So this is my last war result:
It should have been 4500 : 4500 and a DRAW!

Look at my loot :slight_smile:

Here is the scenario:

I play alliance wars in solo. I am getting matched against other solo alliance players.
Having one defense team in the Alliance means you can reset the opposing alliance with one flag.
Both of us has one defense team on the field and 6 flags to hit the opponent.

The short summary of the issue:
Both defense teams worth 1500 point (1000 for the heroes + 500 for the victory)

  • If you defeat the defense team with 1 flag you get 1500 point.
  • If you defeat the defense team with 2 flags, you get 1501 point (an extra point is avarded somewhere).

In my particular case:

My opponent reseted me (my alliance) 3 times with two flags = 4503 point
I reseted my opponent (his/her alliance) 3 times: first with one flag, than twice with two flag = 4502 point
(My last flag scored 0, because Santa decided to protect the whole team from taking damage with his special… but this is another issue)

While performing way over my league I reach the same 3 reset from less flags…
And than I loose, because of this “calculation issue”…

This is at least a DRAW!

My opponent had 4100+ defense team with op event heroes:

I had 3600 defense team, because this is the most meaningful I can field ATM.

(Yes, both team worth 1500 point when defeated… but this is another issue )
(No, I don’t know how did we got matched… but this is again another issue )

Can some of the devs/designers take a look in to this?

It is really frustrating.
(I tried to go to the official ticketing site, I am getting a “connection reset” after login… )

Btw… This is us facing each other:


It happening in the war all the time. If you use one or more attack on one player it can generate alway one extra point per attack. Something like rounding.

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i know its frustrating to lose with one point, but really a great job having him killed in one shot and resetting him another 2
a piece of advise for your upcoming wars, if you are going to lose the fight flee the battle before healing aid, or if a healer is about to use their special, in that case you will get the points for the damage you have taken

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Thx… I didn`t think of that. I certainly going to do that next time :smiley:
However, everything was against me in this:

  • The opponents 4100+ defense team vs my 3600+ defense team, more than 10% stronger for the same points!
  • The opponent had generally much more luck with the heroes. He had 5 full developed 5* in the team, two of them special event heroes. I have 5 core 5* in my rooster. My first Thorne is the only fully developed, I have 3 more in progress, and a 2nd (!) Thorne on level 1. I am getting the best defense results with this a 4* setup.
  • I still rested 3 times from 5 flags, the opponent did the 3 reset from 6… counts nothing.

Nothing to be done about this, no bugs involved. The main problem is that 0 score but now you know you should flee in time. Either before the first heal aid or right after he protects himself. Or actually just after Santa loses like 100 health since you knew you only needed 2 points.

Sorry about your unfortunate loss.


Anyway, I opened a support ticket about it. Awarding 1501 point for 1500 points worth of a team is still a bug in my book.
Let`s see what the support say.

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I’m sorry for your loss.

Next time you have a solo vs solo alliance war, check out this (and share with us the results):

Hit your opponent once. If you don’t kill their full team, check out how many points you are awarded.

Then enter in your opponent information and check out how many points available they have.

Add them to see if you get 1501 instead of 1500.

I can imagine the following reason for this extra point behaivour.

You enter a 1v1 alliance war.

Both teams are worth 1500 points, distributed in 1000 points on hero’s health and 500 points on taking down the whole team.

Your opponent attacks first and defeats your team with 1 flag, 1500 total

You attack after that, and magic starts:

  • Imagine your opponent has 5 heroes, 1000 health each, for a total of 5000 health. Each point of health you make damage on their heroes will be awarded 0,2 points (1000 points / 5000 health)

  • You use your first flag, taking down 4 enemy heroes and leaving their last hero with 499 health. In total you did 4501 damage.

  • Game calculates: 4501 * 0,2 = 900,2 -> ROUNDS UP -> 901 points

  • You use your second flag, taking down the last enemy who had 499 health.

  • Game calculates: 499 * 0,2 = 99,8 -> ROUNDS UP -> 100 points

  • Your score is 901 + 100 + 500 (all enemies defeated) = 1501 points.

That’s the reason I can imagine. If you spend 3 flags and if this rounding up theory is true, every time the game has to round up, you’ll end up with 1502.

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Yes, this is basically how it works.

@SzabiK1981 While it is frustrating to lose like that, this is actually part of the game calculations and is not a bug. Since the scoring does not include partial points, the system has to round the score. In alliances with multiple players it is common to get a score noticeably higher than 1,500 for a reset.

There are several threads on this forum discussing the same question. You may try searching and reading a few as there’s good information in them. One thing to take away from these threads is using multiple flags is not a good strategy for a win (a 1-shot is higher points than 2 flags + rounding).

BTW, great job in taking down that Santa team! I also run a Santa tank and it is normal to have several flags used against me in wars. He’s tough to get through :smile:

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You don’t need to log in to submit a support ticket. Just click the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right (sometimes known as a hamburger button), and the “submit a ticket” menu will open.

Thx. Already found it a couple of hours ago. :slight_smile:

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